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Thursday, December 05, 2019

Avengers Endgame: Here’s how the final battle was shot

Avengers Endgame's final battle was one of the best superhero film moments that we have seen on screen yet. VFX Supervisor Dan DeLeeuw explains how they brought it to life.

By: Entertainment Desk | New Delhi | Published: August 27, 2019 12:16:30 pm
Avengers endgame making final battle Avengers Endgame’s final battle left the audience in awe.

Avengers Endgame marked the end of the Infinity Saga in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the final battle where we saw all the superheroes fight against Thanos brought the film to a glorious end. In a recent video shared by Marvel Entertainment, VFX supervisor of the film Dan DeLeeuw explained how they worked on the final battle.

The final battle begins with various portals opening as we see Black Panther, Doctor Strange, and all the other supposed ‘dead’ superheroes coming back to life. Dan explains that with everyone on the set, this had to be a perfect balance of actors along with CGI effects. On Thanos’ side, however, there were only six guys running in motion capture suits and rest of the aliens were all created via VFX.

Dan also explains that the portals had to look like 3-dimensional places and not a flat surface and this required “astronomical” layers in the post-production.

The battle scene had the audience members cheering every few seconds and left fans in awe. One of the key moments was Captain America saying “Avengers, assemble” that declares the battle open. “The before and afters in those are some of the best before and afters ever in terms of the work that we did and the general comedy that was happening on set,” shares Dan DeLeeuw.

He also talks about another crowd favourite moment, where the women of Marvel come together as Spider-Man hands over the gauntlet to Captain Marvel. He explains how the moment was created and who all were actually physically present for that.

Avengers Endgame’s final battle was one of the best superhero film moments that we have seen on screen yet and with Marvel upping the game with this one, the audience will surely expect more in the upcoming films.

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