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Avengers 4: New theory posits Doctor Strange is alive

According to a new Avengers 4 theory, Doctor Strange did not die in Thanos' finger-snap in Avengers: Infinity War and will appear in the sequel.

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Did Doctor Strange really die in Avengers: Infinity War?

A new Avengers 4 theory has surfaced on the internet. According to the theory, Doctor Strange did not die in Thanos’ finger-snap and will appear in the movie. If it somehow slipped from your mind, Thanos acquired all the Infinity Stones in Avengers: Infinity War and by snapping his gauntleted fingers extinguished half of all life in the universe.

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Or so we thought. The new theory says that at least Doctor Strange — who was among those who seemingly died after the snap — could not have died. The explanation is simple. Doctor Strange had foreseen 14 million possibilities as to how the Avengers’ war with Thanos could play out. And he found out that in only one possibility, the Avengers ended up defeating the Mad Titan.

But how could Doctor Strange see so far into the future if — and we know this from the movie Doctor Strange — he died? The user tman391 who has put forward this theory says, “In the scene where Strange and The Ancient One converse in astral form, she mentions that no matter how much she peered through time, she could never see past what is taking place at that moment, her death. Strange then backs this up by asking that exact question “you think this is where you die?” This leads me to believe it’s impossible to see a future past your death. Therefore, it would be impossible for Strange to view the 14,000,605 futures unless A) he never died in the snap. Or B) the Russo brothers missed this key detail.”

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So Doctor Strange could not have seen all those futures if he was dead. Also, it is unlikely the Russos and the writers missed this, and we already have strong evidence that the superheroes like Spider-Man, Black Panther, Star-Lord and others did not actually die and were merely transported to the Soul Real, the universe inside the Soul Stone. We are going to get a sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming just a couple of months after Avengers 4’s release.

“This theory of him not dying, but still turning into dust can support the idea of souls being trapped in the soul stone or quantum realm because if his soul lives he may still be able to see the futures past his “death”,” the user adds.

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This theory just reinforces the idea that we are going to see the “dead” superheroes being brought back to life somehow. It could be time-travel, wherein surviving superheroes hunt for the Infinity Stones from the past. It could also be that somebody would turn back the time, which would probably have something to do with the Quantum Realm that we have seen in the Ant-Man movies. We have also seen heartbreaking theories regarding Tony Stark or Steve Rogers sacrificing themselves to save their comrades and the universe. Or Thor dying in the completion of Ragnarok.

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Avengers 4 arrives on May 3, 2019.