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Avengers 4: Is this the most heartbreaking theory so far?

There are a lot of Avengers 4 theories on the internet. But one particular theory that has come out of Reddit has Marvel fans shaken since it is too heartbreaking, and yet, it does make sense when you think deeply about it.

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This is the most heartbreaking Avengers 4 theory.

Theories predicting what is going to happen in Avengers 4 are common. Everyday we are bombarded by multiple theories that promise to tell how the culmination of the Thanos saga of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is going to turn out. But one particular theory that has come out of Reddit has Marvel fans shaken since it is too heartbreaking, and yet, it does make sense when you think deeply about it.

The theory, propagated by a Reddit user sfmarch07, says right from the beginning, everything that has occured in the MCU has occured to make the conditions in which defeating Thanos is possible. Remember the one reality out of millions that Doctor Strange talked about in Infinity War at Titan? To make it possible, events were guided in such a way that Thanos does not come out on top, at least at the end, since he did win the round one.

The user said, “My theory basically is that along with the time travel element that the movie will have which has been widely speculated and the Avengers needing to retrieve the infinity stones from different points in time to fight Thanos, additionally there is going to end up being a huge element of “everything happening for a reason” that will encompass everything that has happened in the entire MCU up to this point thus far.”

Now who will give the events that direction? The user conjectures that it might be Doctor Strange going back in time to instill the idea in the head of a young Nick Fury in the 1990s. “What I mean by that, is I believe Nick Fury in the 90’s in the Captain Marvel movie will be shown or made aware of the future and future events, potentially even by Dr. Strange coming back in time from Infinity War, and he will be shown specific things that he and other characters have to do throughout the entire MCU to ultimately set up future events for how they need to be in order for the Avengers to win in Avengers 4, per Dr. Strange’s end game plan from the possible 1 out of 14 million outcomes. Meaning everything that has happened in MCU so far had to happen the way it did but more importantly was set up in certain cases to happen the way it did partly by Fury himself,” the user said.


He supports his argument by saying that Nick Fury always knows something that other characters do not know whenever we encounter him in the MCU. Being the architect of the ‘Avengers Initiative’, he built this group of superpowered beings to handle outer space threats like Thanos. It might even be something to do with Captain Marvel that Fury was made aware of what he has to do to defeat Thanos. Captain Marvel is a interstellar travelling superhero and it was after encountering her Nick Fury stuck with S.H.I.E.L.D.

The user further says that it all revolves around Tony Stark. He says the Avengers, to fight back against Thanos, and to revive their dead comrades, will hunt for the Infinity Stones in different points of time. Time-travel is already said to be a huge part of Avengers 4. Since the Soul Stone requires a great sacrifice (Thanos had to sacrifice the only thing he loved — his adopted daughter Gamora), he will also have to sacrifice somebody.

But it will not be Pepper Potts, as some thought, it would be his parents. Tony will infiltrate the S.H.I.E.L.D and somehow set the Winter Soldier on his own parents to attain the Soul Stone. This would utterly break Tony and he would never recover from the PTSD as we know from MCU movies. But he is Tony. Despite exhibiting an irreverent and reckless persona, we know he deeply cares about his friends and people of the earth. He can do this. Meanwhile, bring on the tissues.