Anthony Hopkins writes fan letter to ‘Breaking Bad’s Cranston

'Breaking Bad' star Bryan Cranston has found a fan in none other than acting legend Anthony Hopkins.

Written by Press Trust Of India | Los Angeles | Published: October 16, 2013 10:29:35 am

‘Breaking Bad’ star Bryan Cranston has found a fan in none other than acting legend Anthony Hopkins,who has written a fan letter praising Cranston for his performance in the recently concluded series.

The series aired its final episode just two weeks ago and Hopkins,in his letter,writes how he was hooked to the story of Walter White,a lung cancer-stricken chemistry teacher,who turns to producing and selling methamphetamine.

In his letter,the ‘Hannibal’ star said Cranston’s acting as White was the best he had ever seen,said the Hollywood Reporter.

“A total of two weeks (addictive) viewing. I have never watched anything like it. Brilliant! Your performance as Walter White was the best acting I have seen — ever.

“I know there is so much smoke blowing… and I’ve sort of lost belief in anything really. But this work of yours is spectacular — absolutely stunning. What is extraordinary,is the sheer power of everyone in the entire production,” Hopkins wrote in his letter.

Hopkins also goes on to praise the rest of the cast as well,and asks Cranston to “pass on my admiration to everyone.”

“Everyone gave master classes of performance.” He also praises the Vince Gilligan-created show’s overall arc and storytelling.

“From what started as a black comedy,descended into a labyrinth of blood,destruction and hell. It was like a great Jacobean,Shakespearian (sic) or Greek Tragedy.”

The letter first surfaced over the weekend on Breaking Bad co-star Steven Michael Quezada’s Facebook page,according to Gawker,but the post has since been deleted,as has a tweet he wrote about the letter.

The ‘Breaking Bad’ series finale aired on September 29,drawing a record 10.3 million viewers.

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