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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

5 stars who can replace Johnny Depp as Grindelwald

Since Johnny Depp has exited the role of Gellert Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts series, here are 5 actors who would be great as the Dark Wizard.

Written by Kshitij Rawat | New Delhi | Updated: November 7, 2020 7:49:40 pm
actors who can play Gellert GrindelwaldThese actors would be great as Gellert Grindelwald. (Photo: HBO/Momentum Pictures)

Johnny Depp has exited the role of Dark Wizard Gellert Grindelwald from the Fantastic Beasts franchise and the role will now be recast. Depp said in a statement that Warner Bros, the studio behind the Wizarding World franchise, had asked him to step away from the role.

Fantastic Beasts is the prequel series to Harry Potter and follows Eddie Redmayne’s Newt Scamander, a magizoologist. Jude Law plays the role of Albus Dumbledore. Grindelwald, who is Dumbledore’s nemesis, was the Dark Wizard before Voldemort.

Here are 5 actors who would be great in the role.

1. Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender has been consistently compelling in negative roles. (Photo: Michael Fassbender/Instagram)

Though this list is not ordered as such, Michael Fassbender appears to be the best choice for the role. The actor has been consistently compelling in negative roles. Add to all that, he has a solid screen presence.

2. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau gellert grindelwald Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Jaime Lannister in a still from Game of Thrones. (Photo: HBO)

A Dane, Nikolaj is best known for playing the role of Jaime Lannister in HBO’s Game of Thrones. Like Jaime, Grindelwald is charming and charismatic and appears likeable despite the atrocities he has committed. We think Coster-Waldau would be a great Grindelwald.

3. Mads Mikkelsen

Mads Mikkelsen gellert grindelwald, Mads Mikkelsen Mads Mikkelsen brings his own unique twist to every antagonist he essays. (Source: Reuters)

Another Dane, Mikkelsen has also played bad guys who are somehow great to watch, whether it is Hannibal Lecter in Hannibal or Kaecilius in Doctor Strange. He is also a character actor and brings his own unique twist to every antagonist he essays.

4. Tobias Menzies

Tobias Menzies outlander, tobiaz menzies outlander Tobias Menzies in Outlander. (Photo: Starz)

The English actor also has had a great deal of experience in the shoes of most despicable men one can imagine, most notably Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall in Outlander. He has a great range, as well, and can be charming when required.

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5. Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell Gellert Grindelwald, Gellert Grindelwald Colin Farrell as Gellert Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. (Photo: Warner Bros)

Colin Farrell did play the role of Grindelwald, only we did not know that until it was revealed that the real Grindelwald had disguised himself as Percival Graves, an Auror and Director of Magical Security for MACUSA. We saw Farrell truly as Grindelwald only towards the end, and he was pretty good. In fact, many fans preferred him as Grindelwald instead of Depp. Warner Bros. already has him in the role of Penguin in The Batman, so it should not be difficult to rehire him.

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