Young filmmakers have nice vision of society: Costa-Gavras

Director Costa-Gavras confesses he wished his director son would have taken up engineering.

Written by PTI | Mumbai | Published: October 21, 2013 10:29:01 am

Master director Costa-Gavras,who took burning political topics of the day and turned them into enduring classics like ‘Z’,’The Confessions’ and ‘Missing’,believes young filmmakers have a vision and idea about the society.

“In Europe we fight a lot to be able to make movies because every country should have its own images. You have your images. New directors are coming everyday. I have one in my home,it is my son. I wanted him to be an engineer or

something much more serious but he wants to make movies. I think they have a nice vision of the society and I think they have to have a different vision of the society,” he said.

“I believe all young filmmakers should decide why they are making a film. Is it because they like to be in the newspaper?

Or like to make more money? Or would they like to say something about the society? I prefer the third type of filmmakers,” the director said during a discussion with film critic Daniel Kothenschule at the ongoing Mumbai Film Festival.

Gavras,80,was honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award here.

He also noted that India was witnessing a change in its cinema.

“Your country also has a new cinema coming up. Some friends gave me a list and I have got the DVDs which I will watch when I am back in Paris. The idea about Indian cinema is that you make those big comedies and musicals but I know since Satyajit Ray and even later that there is another cinema that has been there.”

Recalling how difficult it was to make movies in his time,Gavras said aspiring filmmakers should just jump into the

profession because it is easier to make movies now.

The Greek-French director’s father was jailed for being a part of the resistance in Greece. The military dictatorship in his birth country later became the subject of his most famous work ‘Z’. Gavras once famously said,”By not taking a position,you are taking a position.”

He,however,says it would be difficult for him to understand why he was attracted to such stories.

“I don’t try to go down the caves to discover why I have this passion for such stories but I think as a human being I want to show stories about people,power and sometimes resistance,which is very important. It is important to not

resist the big enemy only but to also resist everyday. In small things that you don’t like,disapprove or you think are doing injustice.”

Asked whether he found a medium through cinema to expose

the flaws in ideologies,Gavras said for him idea meant change.

“Ideology is a good word and comes from Greek. We believe

that ideology is born,goes up and then dies and then you have to change it. I am afraid that in our society people stay with an ideology all their life. When I was young there was talk of permanent revolution. For me it always meant permanent change.

It is about finding solutions every time something new comes. Not to go and kill people with guns,I don’t believe in that kind of revolution except in few cases. Some say that all the ideologies are dead which means we are living in a dead society but I think that is wrong too.”

The witty director came up with an interesting answer on a question about nudity in cinema.

“The one thing cinema has done since the beginning is to help us meet each other and the other thing it has done is to show us that we can also be naked,” he said.

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