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Yash Chopra went away too soon: Amitabh Bachchan

Chopra passed away last evening following multiple organ failure and dengue infection.

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan,who shared a 44-year-old association with filmmaker Yash Chopra and together gave hits like ‘Deewar’,’Silsila’ and ‘Kabhi Kabhi’,says the director died “too soon and too suddenly”.

Chopra,80,passed away last evening following multiple organ failure and dengue infection. The filmmaker will be cremated at Pawanhans in suburban Juhu later today.

“As I sit beside his still and flower decked body in his studio within the portals of the large common patio,there does not pass a moment when all that we shared flashes by.

“An association of 44 years abruptly comes to an end. He went away too soon and too suddenly. He deserved to be with us longer. Yash Chopra,a friend first,a creative legend later,has passed away this evening in the late hours,” Bachchan wrote on his blog.


Bachchan recalled his last meeting with Chopra at his 70th birthday celebrations where the director had come despite being ill.

“I last saw him on my birthday celebrations. He was indisposed and the doctors advised him rest,but he was insistent on coming over. He had made a commitment,he said.

“It was his last public speech and appearance. His words still ring in my ear and what remains are the resonance of his goodness and feeling that he exuded towards me. Apart from his praise on my work,what he cherished most,was that I had been a good son and above all a good human being. Not many have made such observation. It was a moving tribute.”

Bachchan also talked about how he regrets not having met the filmmaker for “chit-chat” despite he insisting for months.

“I have just one regret with regard to him. For some months lately,he had been calling and telling me to drop by in the early hours of the morning as I returned from the gym for ‘just a chat – no work,no issues,just a chat’. I had promised him that I would,and I never was able to,” he added.