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Sunday, April 05, 2020

Wild Wild Best

Perhaps the closest one can come to defining Lady Gaga’s work is by comparing it to abstract art.

Written by Prajakta Hebbar | Published: December 13, 2013 2:28:48 am

Perhaps the closest one can come to defining Lady Gaga’s work is by comparing it to abstract art. An abstract work of art,by definition,uses a visual language of colour,line and form to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from the established visual references in the world. Similarly,Lady Gaga,with her third studio album ARTPOP has flirted with the comfortable lines drawn between genres and mixed them to create a musical cacophony comprising of,but not limited to an EDM-based,pop infused R&B,disco and glam rock genres,in 15 tracks.

 Following the mantra of weird being the new pop and OTT the new subtle,ARTPOP opens with the mind-blowing track Aura. With surreal,EDM-inspired beats and breakneck electronic passages,Lady Gaga sings,“Enigma pop star is fun,she wear burqa for fashion/ It’s not a statement,as much as just a move of passion.” Through this track she tells us how the burqa is a metaphorical veil that protects her and her work from the world. Definitely our favourite track 

 The next number,Venus,is a mash-up of abstract concepts from Roman mythology,astrology and sex,among others. Clearly inspired by ‘80s disco,the song is full of double entendre lyrics and inter-galactic references. Then there’s G.U.Y. which stands for “girl under you”,a snazzy number that treads the line between gender equality and willful sexual submission and a clear stand out. The next track,Sex dreams,is a synth-infused pop r-rated breakdown of elaborate fantasies,perfect for a wild night on the dance floor. 

While Jewels n’ drugs featuring T.I.,Too $hort and Twista,narrates Lady Gaga’s tale of fame addiction,MANiCURE will make a Pokerface fan feel nostalgic. In the next,the title track of the album,Gaga textures the electro-jazz beats with lyrics that say,“My ARTPOP could mean anything,” and “Come to me,without your subtext and fantasy.”

ARTPOP,in short (or long,considering it has 15 tracks),is a fitting follow-up to Born This Way. A perfect recipe for the dance floor or a wild night on the streets of the brightly lit city,ARTPOP is best served hot and consumed when weird.

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