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When Sherlyn Chopra chose ‘Splitsville’ over ‘Kamasutra 3D’

Sherlyn Chopra speaks on why she delayed her film 'Kamnasutra 3D' for 'Splitsville'.

What prompted you to debut on television with MTV Splitsvilla?

I was offered Splitsville when I was busy preparing for my film,Kamasutra 3D.

We were working on the process of shooting some portions of the film in March and April to send it to Cannes Film Festival. I took the show as a great opportunity to connect with my fans. People who followed me would get a chance to know more about my true personality,my attitude and opinions. They have a certain perception of a pin-up model about me with the kind of roles that I have done,including my last Playboy cover shoot. With this show I just want to prove that I am a woman of substance.

I convinced my director Rupesh Paul and asked him to postpone the film’s shoot,so that I can concentrate on my television project.


What kind of preparation have you done for your hosting stint on the show?

I am glad that the channel came to me with this offer,because I think as a host I will be able to showcase my individuality. I am also very excited to be a part of a channel like MTV,which represents the youth of India. For preparations,my production team gave me the DVD of the previous season of the show.

I sat through few episodes just to understand the dynamics of the show and to see what I was required to do on it.

The producers have given me full freedom to talk in my own style and bond with the contestants and viewers at the same time.

Koi rok tok nahi hai! So what has your experience been like working on your first TV show?

We are shooting for the Season 6 at an island at Kerala. There is no time for sight-seeing. Shooting for television is extremely tough! Subah shaam kaam kaam,no aaram.

The working hours are very hectic. I thought I would at least get five hours of sleep per day,but no,I only get two hours of sleep. It is only the passion of the other team members,who work day-and- night that keeps me going.

You are hosting this special segment called ‘Hotness Quotient’ on the show.

Can you elaborate on that?

I can’t talk much about it as this is a new segment being introduced on the show. I would just like to say that I will be seen giving tips to the contestants to enhance their hotness factor. I will also be judging them on these aspects.

Who according to you is the most glamourous actress in B-town?

Rekhaji. I am very,very fond of her. She is a true Indian diva.

What’s hot about your co-host Nikhil Chinappa?

I find Nikhil’s confidence and focus extremely hot! Initially I used to be jealous of him. He is so very focused,he knows what to talk and when.

He’s very good at hosting the show. You earlier said that you asked your film director to postpone your shoot only because you wanted to do Splitsville.

Isn’t that being selfish on your part as he cannot showcase his film Cannes.

Yes,you can say that I was selfish.

This show was very important for me,for my image.

From Kamasutra,I would have got good appreciation for my role and my acting,but could the film tell the audience about who I was in real life? The TV show was a gateway to showcase my true picture to the audience and therefore I took it.

At this time of my career,I am looking forward to being appreciated for my individuality.

Because after I did the Playboy cover,a lot of people think that I have nothing to flaunt,except a good figure.

So,when will you be shooting for the film?

We are planning to hold a press conference announcing about our film at Cannes.

I have assured Paul that I will surely accompany him in May for the film festival.

I am very excited about my red carpet appearance there.

What is the role that you essay in Kamasutra?

I play an Indian princess. The film narrates the journey of the princess,who ends up meeting two very interesting people that change her opinion and ideology about true love. Tell us about your other projects.


It’s certainly not a project,but I am looking forward to my wedding in August this year.

It’s going to be an arranged marriage.