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Vrajesh Hirjee on turning RJ: Mumbai Maska Maar Ke is a fun yet relevant show

Vrajesh Hirjee has now turned an RJ with Mumbai Maska Maar Ke on Big FM. In an exclusive chat, the actor talks about his new venture and reveals why radio will always remain relevant.

Vrajesh Hirjee
Vrajesh Hirjee is enjoying his stint as an RJ. (Photo: Manu Sharma)

Actor Vrajesh Hirjee is the latest celebrity to get his own radio show. Vrajesh recently turned RJ with Mumbai Maska Maar Ke on Big FM.

Talking about the same, the actor, in an exclusive chat with indianexpress.com, said, “This is a breakfast show that’s carefree, mad and thoroughly entertaining. But we also pick some important and socially relevant topics to discuss.”

He added, “It’s been years since I woke up at 5 am for work. On a radio show, you need to create a theatre in your mind as you don’t have anyone along. And above all, you are not playing a character but you have to be yourself. So it’s a different world, but I am really having fun.”

Talking about the content of Mumbai Maska Maar Ke, the actor-turned-RJ said, “It is a very interactive show. So I play this fun quiz ‘Mumbai ka GK’ that means ‘gali kopche’. It’s all about the bylines and corners of the city, which every resident should be aware of. I get immense feedback for the same. Also, we have discussions on topics that affect the listeners. Recently we spoke on subjects like how much screentime is okay for children and why the number of enrollment in municipal schools is dropping. So it’s not only fun but a very relevant show.”


In the time of digital boom, we asked Vrajesh if radio still holds a place as a source of entertainment. He said, “You would be surprised to know that the maximum audience usually tunes to morning shows. It is the flagship program for most radio stations. It actually adds up to my responsibility to live up to the expectations. Also, unlike the general belief that the time of radio is dying, I must tell you that there is no dearth of listeners. The number of calls I receive proves that people still enjoy radio shows.”

In recent times we have seen popular Bollywood celebrities Karan Johar and Kareena Kapoor also launch their own radio shows. When asked if having a popular face helps radio station reach out to more audience, the Golmaal actor said, “I think it’s the competition that makes people innovate and bring in a new twist. When Big FM was launched, it was a sunrise industry. It’s not the same now but the listenership is still growing. So it only makes sense to create new content and having a popular face does help.”