Virat Kohli’s trailer that is not for a movie is hilarious

Virat Kohli’s trailer that is not for a movie is hilarious

Virat Kohli stars in Trailer that has no movie attached to it. This spoof video for Virat's clothing brand is just hilarious.

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Virat Kohli’s hilarious trailer is a spoof on all action movie cliches.

Virat Kohli has been posting teasers and posters for Trailer The Movie, for a few days now. And while it was quite evident that this was a campaign for his apparel brand Wrogn, the audience was intrigued to know what the Trailer was really about.

Virat Kohli has now shared the Trailer, that is not for a movie on Twitter. His caption reads, “We did put the right date on the poster, it’s just that we decided to release it on the #Wrogn date. 😋 So, without further ado, here is #TrailerTheMovie. Check it out while I prepare my Oscar acceptance speech. 😁 @StayWrogn #StayMadStayWrogn”

Watch the Trailer here:

The trailer begins with a heavy voice narrating the plot and we see Virat walking against the backdrop of an explosion. He poses on a building overlooking a city in ruins, poses with guns and also pretends to be in a car chase. Aliens, mad terrorists, evil supervillains, dinosaurs and even zombies are attacking the world here. If this was a trailer for a Hollywood action movie a few years ago, one would buy it all. But the trailer is just so aware of itself that you know it’s all done in good jest.

The trailer has Virat doing all the cliché things that are expected out of movie heroes but Virat does it all in a self-aware way. This trailer is a spoof of all cliché superhero, action, zombie movies.

Trailer has no movie attached to it and is a campaign for Virat Kohli’s apparel brand.