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Sonam Kapoor on ‘Aisha’ and being a fun,fashionable girl

Sonam Kapoor makes no bones about the fact that she is a feminist. “Definitely,” she asserts,when we ask her.

Sonam Kapoor makes no bones about the fact that she is a feminist. “Definitely,” she asserts,when we ask her that question. “Women rock. Men are so simplistic. It’s true what they say—the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. All that a man does is eat and sleep. No offence,” she adds apologetically to our photographer,and flashes her famous 1,000-watt smile.

We’re meeting the bubbly actor in the tastefully done up second floor living room of her Juhu home. We drink in the tastefully decorated room,but when the actress enters,our attention is quickly diverted. We’re impressed by her height (her legs are 44 inches long,just like Julia Roberts,she proudly informs us),but are even more taken with the warmth she radiates.

Given her feminist leaning,it’s only appropriate that she’s the star of Aisha,which she claims is going to be “India’s first chick-flick”. The film,based on Jane Austen’s novel Emma,stars Kapoor as the eponymous heroine,who makes matches and is a general nosy-parker. Is the 24-year-old a busybody too? “No. I’m definitely not a busybody,” she laughs. “I never interfere in other peoples’ lives,but I do like to set my friends up. Which girl doesn’t?” Aisha is a movie of many firsts,she tells us. “The whole cast and crew is below the age of 30. It’s got almost a fully female ensemble cast,” she says,and snarkily adds,“And Abhay Deol is finally doing a mainstream film.”

We’ve also heard claims that Aisha is going to be India’s most fashion-forward movie. “Well,it is a chick-flick. And what do girls love the most? Clothes,shoes,jewellery,make up — we’ve paid attention to them in the movie,” she discloses about the film produced by her father Anil Kapoor.

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One of the reasons why the movie’s wardrobe is as much discussed as anything else is Kapoor’s own status as a style icon. And it is fully in evidence as she is faultlessly attired in a Marc Jacobs top,H&M jeans and Pedro Garcia shoes. “Fashion is an extension of who I am,” she says,“I don’t dress up because I need to project a certain image,but because I like having fun with fashion,like I did at the 10th Auto Expo in Delhi,” she says,referring to the evening that saw her wearing a Louis Vuitton outfit,straight off the runway,including the hair. “Everyone told me I was crazy when I said I wanted the hair that way,but I insisted. I don’t see the point of fashion unless you can have fun with it.”

The young fashionista,however,has set many rules for herself. One among those is not to do something just for money. That is why,despite her status as a fashion icon,she’s been very picky about endorsements. “I could endorse many products and make money off them,I suppose. But it would be dishonest to do so,unless I believe in them myself. Which is why,I endorse Anant Diamond Jewellery,because I love their solitaires. I also endorse L’Oreal,because I know how effective their products are.”

Similarly,when designers send her clothes and accessories,she makes sure to wear them and then return them. “If I like something,I’ll buy it. But keeping something is just so tacky.”


Fashion is,however,only a part of who she is — she was really born to be an actor. “I’m most myself when I’m in front of the camera,” she says emphatically. Fashion was not something she even considered as a career option. “I can dress myself up well,but I can’t imagine doing it for anyone else,” she says.

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