Scarlett Johansson dating Kate Moss’s ex?

Scarlett Johansson dating Kate Moss’s ex?

Johansson,26,who was married to Ryan for 2 years,and had a brief romance with Sean recently.

Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson has been spotted out on the town with Kate Moss’s former boyfriend Jefferson Hack.

Johansson,26,who was married to actor Ryan Reynolds for two years,divorced in July and recently had a brief romance with actor Sean Penn. She has been getting along famously with Dazed And Confused publisher Jefferson,daily reported.

Hack,40,is also newly single after splitting from his fiancee,model Anouck Lepore. Meanwhile,Johansson has been filming a new movie,’Under The Skin’,in the UK and is staying at the Covent Garden Hotel,near Hack’s Central London home.

The pair,who have known each other for ten years,were both at a gig by the band Spiritualized at the Royal Albert Hall last month. And at the after-party both of them were spotted deep in conversation and refused to be photographed together.


“They seemed very familiar and to be getting along very well,” a source said.

“There is no truth that Scarlett and Jefferson Hack are dating. They are friends and do have the occasional dinner or drinks,” a spokesperson for Johansson said.