Statham is stark professionalism,a "killer" as the mayor describes him.

Written by Shalini Langer | New Delhi | Updated: July 6, 2017 4:36:57 pm

Cast: Jason Statham,Catherine Chan

Director: Boaz Yakin

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CHASES,deliveries and shootouts are Statham staples. Here along for the ride is a 10-year-old Chinese girl (who else?) who has a photographic memory that lets her remember numbers and count them by just glancing at them. That makes her a high-priced commodity among the Russian mafia,the Chinese ganglords,and the entirely morally bankrupt — or so the film would have it — New York police force. Presumably calculators or cameras of any sort have run out of fashion,though the very same Chinese are seen sporting an iPad on at least one occasion.

People have their heads blown off right before Mae’s (Chan) eyes,and that’s just one of the ways death comes in this blood fest. There are also threats of torture which thankfully are left to the virulent imagination of the most unimaginative Russian hoodlum on screen. The Chinese fare a bit better,if only because they can count on Mae in their corner — however briefly.

Statham is stark professionalism,a “killer” as the mayor describes him. The mayor too,of course,is among the bad guys. That’s one Statham against the entire New York establishment,dressed to kill and defending a harmless kid in schoolgirl shoes and a frock. Guess who you want to win?

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