Review: Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon,Ek Baar Phir,just another love story

Review: Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon,Ek Baar Phir,just another love story

<i>Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon,Ek Baar Phir</i> runs in slow motion,exaggerated pauses.

In the opening scene of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon – Ek Baar Phir,Shlok Agnihotri (Avinash Sachdev) sprints to the top of a hill and declares to the sun that he’ll never let him rise first or allow the Sun God to shine brightly in his life again.

Through this dialogue,our anti-hero Shlok successfully delivers a character sketch — brooding,seething with anger,riddled with issues (mainly of the female kind),and clearly refusing to nurse a broken heart.

The man despises women and doubts their intentions. He would rather have them sit at home and do nothing. Enter Astha Kiloskar (Shrenu Parikh) — bright,chirpy,helpful,independent and the girl-next-door who has a jugaad for everything. She is fearless,speaks her mind and knows her limits. Where Shlok is self-consumed,arrogant and well,a grumpy Grinch,Astha is positive,vibrant and a clear-hearted girl who goes to old-age homes,rescues friends and is an obedient daughter.

Soon,families are introduced – the gentleman sahib essayed by Niranjan Agnihotri (Shlok’s father),Geetanjali Tikekar as the tyrant and typical mother-in-law,Anjali Agnihotri (Shlok’s mother),his brother and bhabhi,and the Kiloskar family.


While the Agnihotris are educationists,running 15 schools and colleges,the Kiloskars are middle-class people working for them.

Through series of coincidences,Shlok and Astha’s paths intersect,and misunderstandings become the order of the day with Shlok jumping to conclusions and Astha busy clearing the mess.

The situations do get tacky for one doesn’t expect a busy head honcho like Shlok to react crankily and with such aggression to inconsequential events.

He really needs to wipe off the sullen grouchy look from his face,because it appears that he’s suffering from tummy trouble.

Shrenu as Astha,on the other hand,is fluid and pleasant. Riding high on the success of Season One,and especially the crackling Barun Sobti-Sanaya Irani killer on-screen chemistry,the leads of Season 2 need to pump up the charisma,if they want to replicate the success of the original show.

The show is set in the mould of a good girl reforming a rich bad boy formula. We already have Agnihotri senior asking Astha’s father her hand in marriage for his distant son. Astha refuses. But as per telly pundits,love is on the cards.

The show runs in slow motion,exaggerated pauses and lavish sets. We are waiting to be taken by surprise with the promised dramatic twists.

Jaskiran Kapoor