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Rachel Weisz feels sexier after becoming mom

The actress,who has a 3 yr old son says going through labour made her more comfortable with her body.

Hollywood actress Rachel Weisz feels sexier now she is a mother.

The 39-year-old actress,who has a three-year-old son Henry with director fiance Darren Aronofsky,says going through labour made her more aware and comfortable with her body,Cosmopolitan magazine reported.

“I feel sexier after having a baby. It makes you feel a lot more confident and appreciative of your body and what it’s capable of doing. I’ve got a lot more respect for it,” Weisz said.

The ‘Mummy’ star also said she has learned more about herself since entering her thirties.


“My twenties were horrible. I felt I didn’t know anything and worried about everything.

“As you get older,you learn to let go of a few things. You come to know your own mind,values and morality.”

Weisz recently said she had “never been happier” since having Henry and claims he has improved her life in so many ways.

“I find I can get a lot more done since I’ve had Henry. Suddenly,in 45 minutes,you can get twice as much done as you once did. I’ve become a lot more organised,” the actress said.

“And I’m a much happier person since I’ve had Henry,and much more balanced. I feel I have an ultimate purpose beyond anything else in my life,” she added.