Pravesh will win ‘Big Boss’,predict KRK,Claudia

Pravesh will win ‘Big Boss’,predict KRK,Claudia

Pravesh Rana has emerged the favourite to win the reality TV show 'Big Boss' with his former housemates.

He may have entered the show as a wild card entry,but Pravesh Rana has emerged the favourite to win the reality TV show ‘Big Boss’ with his former housemates,Kamaal Khan and Claudia Ciesla,predicting that he will be the last one standing.

Bhojpuri actor Kamaal Khan as well as the rumoured love interest of the former Mr India ,Claudia Ciesla,say that he is sure to outplay and outlast the other favourite,Vindoo Dara Singh,to win the prize money of Rs 1 crore.

Pravesh is the only contestant who has got a fast track entry into the the finals,thanks to the the goodbye gift from Ciesla,while the others still have the sword of elimination hanging precariously above their necks.

“I think Pravesh will win the competition. He quickly got a hang of things and he knows how to say the right things in front of the right people. Vindoo is too temperamental and he has already upset too many people with his behaviour,” Kamaal R Khan,the controversial housemate who was ousted from the show for his violent behaviour and then brought back as a “special guest” said.


Ten weeks and eight eliminations into the show,the final five contestants include Pravesh,actress Poonam Dhillon,model and former Mrs World Aditi Govitrikar,small screen actor Bakhtiyar Irani and Vindoo Dara Singh,the son of wrestling legend Dara Singh.

The show which is hosted by none other than Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan had begun amid a whirlwind of hype with 13 celebrities.

From Bollywood item girl Sherlyn Chopra to the mother of controversy queen Rakhi Sawant and Shilpa Shetty’s younger sister Shamita Shetty,the housemates were a perfect recipe for drama and controversy.

“Rana has played his cards well. He is manipulative but he is charming,” said Shiv Khanna,a devoted follower of the show.

“But Vindoo has a strong fan base and he has been saved by Desh ka Aadesh time and again and Pravesh is a totally new name for the audiences,” added Khanna.

As of now Khanna is waiting for the finals to know whether Pravesh will be the one to join the league of the previous winners actor Rahul Roy and ‘Roadies’ star Ashutosh Kaushik.

Pravesh had entered the house along with cricketer Vinod Kambli,who was booted off in the very next elimination round.

But the 24-year-old stayed on and established himself as a strong contender and his growing closeness to German model Ciesla provided a fresh romantic twist to the show otherwise filled with tales of plotting and emotional maneouvre.

The 23-year-old aspiring Bollywood actress was booted out of the show through the ‘Desh Ka Aadesh’ but Ciesla believes that her “good friend” Pravesh will emerge the final winner.

“I think Pravesh and Vindoo will be the last two contestants. And between those two I think Pravesh will win.

He is a very intelligent person and he came into the game mid-way after observing it from outside and he therefore had a clearer view of things,” said Claudia.

The model has also vowed members of the audience with his good looks and cool temper.


“He is a likely winner,the fact that he is a good looking guy definitely helps. He is funny too and interesting to watch while other housemates like Aditi Govitrikar and Poonam Dhillon are boring,” said Madhulika Sharma,a homemaker.