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Tuesday, March 09, 2021

Playing God

God,they say is in the details and Akshay Kumar is leaving no stone unturned to get it just right when he plays one

Written by Priyanka Sinha Jha | Mumbai |
September 29, 2012 3:31:54 pm

What could possibly be God’s divine dilemma?

He would probably be trying to find his original creation in what stands of it before him in its present avatar.

Your learning from Oh My God!?

The nature of my belief has changed. I learnt to be God-loving instead of God-fearing.

Any insight on God’s expectations?

Hmm.. probably God doesn’t want us to light candles or pour milk at the shrines. He would rather that we give to poor people.

Go on…

It’s also not about joining hands before him in temples or other places of worship.

Your newfound principle on divine matters.

In goodness lies God. Bhagwan mann ke andar hai.

Any special shooting technique for a divine comedy?

The film’s USP is in its narration,not about long shots and Jimmy jibs.

Which God from the Hindu pantheon do you play in the film?

I come down to earth as Lord Krishna.

Obviously a small yet pivotal part,so how long did you rehearse for it?

We had a month’s rehearsal. Paresh (Rawal) and other team members would come to my office between five to six everyday. It was very kind of Paresh to help me with it.

Any handy tips that he gave you?

He said,‘Don’t try to act and give it too much. I don’t want to see you trying to create an aura.’

You straddle a bike and are wearing jeans for the part,so how did you arrive on such a look for God’s character?

Well the question before us was,‘What if God was one of us?’ If he came for a visit— as has been witnessed with various avatars mentioned in our mythology— he would,in all likelihood,look like us.

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