People know me as Shakti Kapoor’s daughter,I feel blessed for that: Shraddha

People know me as Shakti Kapoor’s daughter,I feel blessed for that: Shraddha

Sharaddha Kapoor,who's enjoying success after <i>Aashiqui 2</i>,opens up about her singing aspirations.

Sharaddha Kapoor,who’s enjoying success after Aashiqui 2,opens up about her singing aspirations,mentor Padmini Kolhapure and the friendship she shares with Varun Dhawan!

She pinned all her hopes on her Bollywood debut project,Teen Patti,

but in vain! But three years later,Shraddha Kapoor has realised her dream and scored her first hit through Aashiqui 2. The actress is on top of the world and is looking

forward to some great offers to come her way:

What inspired you to be an actress?

Since I was born into a film family,I was naturally inclined to take up acting. My dad (Shakti Kapoor) and my maasi (Padmini Kolhapure) have always been an inspiration. I used to travel with them during their film shoots. I grew up learning so many things when I stayed with them on the sets. There were times,when I used to wear my dad’s costumes and start dancing in front of the mirror.


I’m sure you must have had harboured other aspirations as well,apart from acting?

For a short span of time I wanted to be an air hostess. I was so enamoured by the way they carried themselve that I’d mimic them and I did that very well. At one point,I also wanted to become a psychologist. Your maasi,Padmini Kolhapure is known to be a fantastic actress.

What kind of relationship do you share with her?

I consider her my friend and mentor. As a friend,I share a lot of my secrets with her and as a mentor,she is grooming me to become a better actress. She has given me a lot of tips on camera presence,and also suggests the kind of classic movies I need to watch.

Which films of your father and aunt do you rate as your favourites?

From among Padmini aunty’s films I like Prem Rog,Woh Saat Din and Zamaane Ko Dikhana Hai,and as for my dad,I liked him in Apna Apna and Raja Babu. Till date he has done 700 films,and I have still to see all those films. He is a fantastic comedian. He has always taken care to groom me as an actor. I remember rehearsing my lines with my dad during the making of Luv Ka The End. He always helps me before I step out for auditions.

Did the popularity of your aunt and father as actors make you snobbish as a kid?

There was a phase in my life where I considered myself extremely popular and acted like a snob. Big time!

Did your friend circle include any of the other star kids?

My dad acted in a lot of David Dhawan’s films,so I bonded well with Varun Dhawan. But my friend circle in school (Jamnabai Narsee in Juhu) consisted of folks who did not have any film background.

Your brother Siddhant Kapoor is also a budding actor. Do you both exchange tips with each other?

Siddhant sees a lot of my movies and gives me suggestions. I am waiting for his Shootout At Wadala to release,so that I can give him some tips this time! But seriously,in my house everyone gauges each other’s performances and give


How easy was it to kickstart your career in Bollywood?

I completed my studies in Boston and came back to India with an aim of becoming an actress. When I started looking out for opportunities,people weren’t aware of my background. In fact for my first film,Teen Patti which had Amitabh Bachchan playing the central character,I was asked to audition only on the basis of my pictures that I had uploaded on Facebook.

Today people know me as Shakti Kapoor’s daughter,and I feel blessed for that.

I consider it an advantage.

What were your expectations from your debut film?

Teen Patti was my first film,so obviously I had high expectations from it. I was quite upset when the film didn’t do well,but in hindsight,I am glad that my performance

was appreciated. Thankfully after that film,Luv Ka The End happened,the first film of the threefilm deal that I signed with Yash Raj Films (YRF).

We hear the three-film deal with YRF got cancelled when you took on Aashiqui 2 with the Bhatts?

I would just like to say that I am not contractually bound with YRF anymore. Aditya Chopra is my mentor,and I hope he offers me something soon. It is just that I fell in love with the script of Aashiqui 2. I believed in it and so I took it up. Today when I see how the film has fared at the box-office,I feel glad about my decision.

How did Aashiqui 2 happen?

Mohit Suri had come to my house to meet me about a film. It was so embarrassing,because that day I had oiled my hair and was wearing glasses! I was looking my ugliest best. Unfortunately the film that we discussed didn’t happen! But when he was hunting for an actress to do Aarohi Shirke’s role,he remembered me and the conversation I had with my mother in fluent Marathi on the phone. Aarohi is a Maharashtrian and that’s how he connected me with her.

When you bagged Aashiqui 2,did you watch the original movie Aashiqui once again to get the feel of it?

Aashiqui released around the time when I was born. I saw the film when I was in seventh or eighth grade. When the sequel was offered to me,I asked the director (Mohit Suri) if I should watch the original,but since he said no,I didn’t watch it. Now I feel like watching the original again.

What’s the reaction that you are getting for your performance in the film?

I am getting very positive reactions from everywhere. I have just got the taste of my first hit and I am extremely thrilled. These days actors deliver a lot more than just acting in their films.

Do you see yourself getting involved in any other aspect of filmmaking?

I think I have a great voice so I would like to playback for the characters I play in my movies. In fact,I had offered to sing in Aashiqui 2,but the character that I played in the film was shown to be a top singer of the film industry.

The makers thought that my voice would not match up to the singing required for a

singing sensation.

What are the kind of offers that you are now looking at?

I want to be a part of stories that reach out to the masses. I like the films that Raju Hirani makes and would like to work in that kind of cinema. In our film industry,there are production houses that have reached a particular level for delivering good cinema,I would like to work under such banners as well.

Since you have a film background,do you keep tabs on box-office statistics?

I know the technical aspects,and I am always interested to know how my films fare at the box office and the kind of profits they make.

Tell us about your inspirations in Bollywood?

Actors like Amitabh Bachchan,Aamir Khan,Priyanka Chopra,Shakti Kapoor and Padmini Kolhapure inspire me.

Do you think you have the potential to make it to the top?

With the success of Aashiqui 2,I think I am on the top today! (Laughs). Having said that,I don’t want to be on cloud nine,but be pretty much grounded. I have this saying — ‘Don’t take failure to your heart and success to your head’ — pretty much in the back of my mind,all the time.

Tell us about your next,Gori Tere Pyar Mein?


I am currently shooting for the film. It is great fun working with Imran Khan. Unfortunately,I won’t be shooting with Kareena Kapoor as we don’t have any scenes together.