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Monday, March 30, 2020

A peek inside the mind of a mind reader: Renowned mentalist Nicolai Friedrich decodes it all

Nicolai Friedrich, world renowned mentalist, reveals everything about his craft. He can read minds and also make predictions and it's not a supernatural power.

Written by Sampada Sharma | New Delhi | Published: November 24, 2017 4:50:21 pm
Nicolai Friedrich mentalist Nicolai Friedrich is a world renowned mentalist who is all set to perform in Gurugram on November 26.

It sounds like a gift when we hear that someone can read minds. After all, they have the power to see through people, alter their perception of reality and make predictions sometimes. Mentalist Nicolai Friedrich is a world-renowned mind reader whose illusions have enamored and mesmerised the audience across different cultures and countries. He has the ability to read minds, influence people and even make predictions about them.

Nicolai Friedrich was enamoured by the world of magicians from a very young age. He was only four when he first saw a magic trick and it completely amazed him.

In an interview with the, Nicolai explained that a mentalist and a magician are actually not the same thing. “A mentalist will not ask you to pick a card but just to think of one,” Nicolai puts it out simply. While a magician relies on magical principles, a mentalist uses his tricks differently. “A mentalist uses psychological tricks and principles as well as the power of suggestion. With these methods, he can hack people’s minds and apparently read their thoughts or even influence them,” Nicolai explains. Nicolai also elaborated that these psychological tricks can be used in our daily lives as well, not just on the stage. In fact, he uses these tricks to alter his perception of reality as well.

Reality is what we, as human beings, perceive to be real. All humans have the power to alter their perspective and in layman’s terms this is somewhat like a glass half full-half empty scenario. Nicolai believes that “reality has lot to do with your mind set” and he even uses it for himself at times.

Nicolai Friedrich mentalist

But as soon as a magician starts his performance, the skeptics in the crowd put on thick glasses to find loopholes in his act. So how does he really deal with that? “After they (the skeptics) have seen my acts, which shock them, they start believing in me,” he says confidently.

Apart from the skeptics, there are many who believe that illusionists and magicians are straight from Hogwarts but Nicolai reveals that being a mentalist is something that can be learnt with time. “It has nothing to do with supernatural powers,” he says. Of course, a lot of reading about physiology is involved and after enough practice one can gain first-hand experience. But even then “they can’t look into your head and tell about you (laughs). It’s not as easy as it looks on the stage,” and believably so.

Nicolai credits this form as a science but he still hopes that miracles exist. “As I look around, the nature, etc many things look miraculous to me,” he ponders.

An artist of this stature, who has performed all around the world, has had some really dramatic reactions from his audience. He shares that once in Africa, the audience thought he was the devil. “Once in Africa the audience thought I might be the devil. But then they understood I’m just the guy next door.” The audience just wants to get amazed and it is the suspension of belief that makes them want to be blown away by his tricks on stage.

Nicolai Friedrich is all set to perform at Orana Conventions, Gurugram on November 26 but this isn’t his first show in India. He has performed for an Indian audience before and really enjoyed the experience. “I like the spirituality and open minded of my audience in India,” he shares.

Mentalists are intriguing for their audience and in trying to decode their tricks, they usually end up being enamoured by them, and that is what Nicolai tries to achieve.

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