Music Review: Fukrey

Music Review: Fukrey

It seemed as if a whole new facet of his music was suppressed.

Music: Ram Sampath

Lyrics: Munna Dhiman,Mrigdeep Singh Lamba,

Vipul Vig

Rating: *1/2

Low key

It’s of considerable wonder,how Ram Sampath has elevated himself from the average sounding Hindi film music composer from his Khakee and Family days to the experimental musician of Delhi Belly,and Talaash. It seemed as if a whole new facet of his music was suppressed till then,like his control over rock,jazz,electronica to his understanding of raga-based music,which was only realised fully afterwards with these films. This graduated him into the big league,which made him a regular with Aamir Khan and Farhan Akhtar produced films. His latest,Fukrey,produced by Akhtar belongs to the same milieu as Delhi Belly,but is nowhere close to its ingenuity. While it immerses itself in north Indian flavours,with right kind of lyrics and singers,the compositions sound insipid. Except two songs,one of them is Fuk Fuk Fukrey. It channelises the restless vibe of its teenager protagonists and blends the energy of bhangra with dubstep,helped by the rawness of singer Amjad Bagadwa’s voice. This spark is missing in most other songs,be it Beda paar,Lag gayi lottery or Rabba that sound mediocre. The only other song that works is Ambarsariya,which in its modern garb of guitars has the soul and innocence of a Punjabi country song. The charming accordion in the interludes,the sweet phonetics of its Punjabi lyrics,the rustic tenderness of Sona Mahapatra’s voice and a number of listens makes this work.

This is an album that disappointingly falls short of Sampath’s own standards that he set for himself in with his glorious turn in Delhi Belly and Talaash.

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