Melanie Chisholm struggles with single motherhood

Melanie Chisholm struggles with single motherhood

Melanie Chisholm confesses she has been feeling run down as juggling her tour along with her daughter has taken a toll on her.

Singer Melanie Chisholm has revealed that she finds it difficult to balance her work and single parenting her four year-old daughter Scarlett Starr.

The 39-year-old singer has been raising Scarlett post-split from father Thomas Starr last year and she is concerned about the effects of a demanding work schedule on her role as a parent,reported Contactmusic.

“I find [motherhood difficult. I don’t think you ever get right and it’s just like a work in progress – especially because of the way my work is. I just took Scarlet to Australia for the Jesus Christ Superstar tour because I didn’t want to be without her. But the tour and juggling it all with Scarlet really took it out of me and I’ve been feeling run down,” she said.

Mel C is starring in the stage version of rock musical ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ and said juggling her dedication to her lead role of Mary Magdalene with Scarlett’s needs takes a toll on her.