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Medium Medley

RJ Anurag Pandey on straddling the mediums of tv and radio as he hosts Sony Mix’s TV Ka Pehla Radio Show

I feel blessed and elated. We are witnessing a watershed moment when the gap between radio and television is being bridged. Given my passion for Bollywood,I think this is a natural albeit unique progression. As a radio personality I go by the moniker ‘Radio ka Superstar’ and now I’m positioned as ‘Radio Ka Superstar ab TV par.’ This makes me nervous but also excited. Earlier,I was recognised by my voice. It was my connect to my audience but now,through this show,I am

not just an RJ,but also a TV host. It is a big opportunity and makes radio come alive.

The name of my show,‘TV Ka Pehla Radio Show’ on Sony Mix is self explanatory — this is the first-ever television show that is completely set inside my studio. There have been occasions where RJs have tried to dabble in television but it has never been done on this scale. This is literally a televised version of what I do everyday on radio. I get to connect with listeners,provide them with exclusive content,trivia and play music for them. My TV show follows the same structural format of my radio programme. It has segments which feature the latest Bollywood stars and fresh musical talents. Recently we had Siddharth Mahadevan — the voice behind Zinda from Bhaag Milkha Bhaag — sharing his experience about his first song and entry in Bollywood.

This is a new territory for me. Radio listeners have conventionally connected with RJs through listening. Yes,there has been a connect through social media but this is a different ball game altogether. Now,I can further connect with my listeners by looking them in the eye on television every week. They don’t have to imagine what my studio looks like. The TV show recreates the feel of a studio. I am curious to know the show’s reach,since we’ve merged two mediums. The number of people tuning in to my show is going to organically multiply. Wow.


TV does bring in a few changes also. The celebrity interviews that I conduct will need to be different because now listeners and viewers will be able to see the artistes in the studio. Earlier,the artistes didn’t really worry about the way they looked or acted around in the radio studio because it was just their voice going out. This is also why radio interviews are usually more fun,candid,tongue-in-cheek and real. Things change when the camera comes into the studio but I’m looking forward to showcase the same fun and irreverant side of the biggest Bollywood celebrities. But one thing is clear,in order to match up to the glamour quotient of the celebrities,I’ll need to make sure that I look good. I have to take care of my side of the preparation,which is why I’ve lost a few kilos and got myself a new wardrobe.

With a plethora of options available to consumers nowadays,there are multiple ways to connect with the audience. For me,it started when radio progressed into TV and maybe in the near future,it grows into cinema. You never know. Aakhir,aap toh mera nature jaante hai…