Madhur Jaffrey criticises ‘rude’ TV chefs

Madhur Jaffrey criticises ‘rude’ TV chefs

I couldn't be that rude to people,if only because I wouldn't like it done to me: Madhur Jaffrey

Actress turned cookery legend Madhur Jaffery,who is back with a new series ‘Curry Nation’,says she can’t be rude like other chefs on TV.

“I couldn’t be that rude to people,if only because I wouldn’t like it done to me. That said,I do swear from time to time. But only in a very quiet voice,” said Jaffery.

The 79-year-old,who has written more than 30 cookbooks,will explore the impact of south Asian cuisine on various parts of the UK on the Good Food Channel show,reported Sun online.

Jaffery,who enjoyed acting success in the Merchant Ivory films ‘Shakespeare Wallah’ and ‘Heat And Dust’,as well as a stint in EastEnders,presented her first BBC show,’Indian Cookery’,30 years ago.


Since those days,hot-tempered chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and Marco Pierre White have enjoyed success on the small screen.

Jaffery’s last major TV series was ‘Flavours Of India’ on the BBC in 1995.