Kim Cattrall’s always been on a diet

Kim Cattrall’s always been on a diet

The Sex and the City star said she has been on a diet most of her adult life,to stay in shape.

Kim Cattrall’s struggle to stay in shape is a long one,the ‘Sex And The City’ star has confessed to being on a diet for most of her adult life.

The 54-year-old actress,who shot to fame playing the man-eater Samantha in the hit US TV series,admitted she is finding it harder to stay in shape as she gets older. “I’ve been dieting my whole life because I have a tremendous appetite,” she said.

The screen siren said that her fondness for eating has meant she needs to diet and work out to keep herself trim,reported Daily Mail.

Cattrall also said she grew up with a healthy attitude about food and exercise,which is paying off now. “This generation of women that I’m in,we have been brought up with Jane Fonda workout tapes and fresh air is good for you and exercise every day and drink eight cups of water and it’s paid off at this time of my life.”

Cattrall,who split from her third husband Mark Levinson in 2003,said she doesn’t stay in shape to attract men but for her own self esteem. “I don’t do it for a guy. I do it for me. It’s about taking care of yourself.”