Khiladi takes to the kitchen stove

Khiladi takes to the kitchen stove

For Akshay Kumar it’s a delectable fare of mixed challenges this year,with MasterChef,Action Replayy and the Open Invitational Karate Tournament.

Bollywood superstar will be seen discussing the nitty-gritties of food,instant recipes,kitchen disasters and a lot more on MasterChef,a brand new cookery show on Star Plus.

Akshay Kumar,who was fond of action-related activities since his childhood,said that a passion for cooking took over when he was learning martial arts in Thailand as a teenager. He worked as a chef on the side while pursuing his training to keep the kitchen fire burning.

“It’s like going back to my roots,” smiled the actor,”not only because I worked as a chef during my teens,but also because I am a Punjabi at heart. Everyone knows Punjabis love to cook and eat. But I want to clarify one thing – that I am not a chef on this show but a judge,” said Akshay,though he displayed his culinary skills by churning out mouthwatering Chicken Thai Green Curry and Vegetable Thai Green Curry at the event to announce the show.

Perfect in the art of cooking,he proudly said that even today he saunters into the kitchen to experiment and cook for his son,but he’s never had a kitchen disaster.


“My favourite cooks are my grandmother and my mother,who can make a simple dish like dal and parathas taste heavenly,” grinned the actor.

The show will see 12 contestants being subjected to various challenges in the kitchen like whipping up impromptu dishes,cooking for huge crowds or working with minimum ingredients.

“But the interesting part of MasterChef is that it is more than just a cookery show; as there’s a dash of human drama and emotions in the programme.”

Besides the show,the other first for the dishy actor is that he will be seen on the silver screen all spruced and dressed as a guy of the ’70s in flared trousers,flowery shirts,big buckle belts and long hair. The film is Vipul Shah’s Action Replayy,which releases on November 5 this year. “My look in the film is based on Sunil Dutt’s look from his films in the ’70s and ’ 80s. When I was told that I would have to wear a wig that closely resembled the hairstyles of that time,I opted just for Dutt saab’s look instead of being presented as a mishmash of several actors,” added Akshay.

Explaining the retro look,he said that he and his co-star Aishwarya Rai Bachchan play parents to Aditya Roy Kapoor,in the film. Watching his parents bickering all the time,Roy slips into a time-machine and goes back in time to get a glimpse of his parents’ relationship when they were young.

Asked if he could go back in time what he would like to witness he promptly said he would like to watch his father-in-law Rajesh Khanna’s super-stardom as he had heard a lot about it but not witnessed it first-hand.

“But if you ask me which moments I would like to rewind from my personal life it would be seeing the expressions on my parents’ faces watching my first film,the time I had my first hit and other such sweet moments,” he sighed.

He hoped that Action Replayy with its unique storyline and attractive pairing of the beautiful Aishwarya and hin would be a blockbuster and another moment to be reminisced. “It’s been produced by Blockbuster Films so…,” he smiled slyly.

The actor,who has just completed the shooting of Farah Khan’s Tees Maar Khan with Katrina Kaif,said that he was also planning to cut down on work to make more time for his family. “It’s one resolution I have made.”

But that seems like a distant dream as the back belt in martial arts and sports enthusiast is also gearing up for the Open Invitational Karate Tournament that he started last year. The martial arts tournament is scheduled between October 28 and 30 at Mumbai’s Andheri Sports Complex and is his initiative to help martial arts enthusiasts fulfil their ambitions.


Free training is provided to the winners ,who can then go on to participate in international competitions. “The idea to help other children struck me last year when I saw my son,Aarav who is learning karate,practicing his moves,” he clarified.

– with inputs from Priyanka Sinha