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Katy Perry dismisses Lady Gaga rivalry

Katy Perry's 'Roar' and Lady Gaga's 'Applause' released simultaneously earlier this year.

Pop star Katy Perry does not find it healthy to be pitted against Lady Gaga,something that has been happening a lot recently with their latest singles ‘Roar’ and ‘Applause’ releasing simultaneously.

Perry admitted that their fan groups used this perceived rivalry as ammunition,reported Entertainment Weekly.

“Gaga and I like to publicly dismiss it because it’s not healthy. You want to feel music. You want it to resonate and relate to you. You can’t look at it like a competition because you ruin the reason why you love music. But I think that sometimes our fan groups are so big and strong,they use it as ammunition,” Perry,29 said.

The singer also weighted in on the uproar surrounding Miley Cyrus,including her headline grabbing raunchy act at the MTV VMAs.


“She’s what,19 or 20? She’s just living her life. She’s super young,and there’s no directing book on how to do this. Each of us find our own way,and some of us make it out alive and some of us don’t. I mean,Madonna was naked.

“The thing is,people come to me and ask me,out of default,what I think about all these girls,but at the end of it all I shouldn’t be considered the behavior police,because I’m not always going to be on my best behavior!,” the pop star responded when asked to comment on Cyrus.