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IPL fever catches up with Big B

The IPL fever has not spared even megastar Amitabh Bachchan and he doesn't miss watching matches.

The IPL fever has not spared even megastar Amitabh Bachchan and he doesn’t miss watching matches especially when his favourite team – Mumbai Indians is playing.

However,the actor is upset over the two successive defeats of Mumbai Indians and expressed his frustration to “EF” (Extended Family) as he refers to his readers on his blog.

“Doing nothing and sitting in front of the ‘box’ an entire day is a feat by itself and I just did it. Albeit a little frustrating because the home team lost in the final moments,” Bachchan wrote after Mumbai Indians was defeated by Kings X1 Punjab in a close match last week.

Yesterday’s loss to Royal Challengers Bangalore made Big B just say,”The Mumbai Indians lost!! AAArrrgraahhhhh”.


Bachchan has just returned after an overseas schedule of his home production ‘Paa’ and is presently recording a song for Ram Gopal Verma’s ‘Rann’.

Ever since his return,Bachchan has been glued to television watching the IPL.

During a media interaction to announce the 10th IIFA’s venue last week,Bachchan asked the organisers to switch on the television in the hotel room,so that he could catch up with the ongoing match.

Bachchan said IPL was very popular abroad and people in Paris were also watching the cricketing event on television.

When he was asked about his favourite team in the IPL by journalists,the legendary actor refused to comment.

However,on his blog,subsequently,Bachchan has made his choice clear.

Bachchan,who is also a “Chelsea” fan,said football and cricket were great games of skill and they require television audience concentration.

Speaking for all the couch potatoes,Bachchan said,”we believe transformation of energy does indeed scientifically take place when we shout,Go Chelsea or Mumbai Indians!!”

According to the Big B,”a loss is more clinical. We like to go to bed immediately and most certainly do wish to be disturbed.”

He wondered what he would do when the “great patronage of IPL” ends later this month.


“I need to develop some skills. Play an instrument,learn a language. Have been saying this for years. But,never getting serious enough to actually doing it,” he said.