Interesting time to be an actor in Bollywood: Rishi Kapoor

Interesting time to be an actor in Bollywood: Rishi Kapoor

"I don't call myself a villain. I call myself an actor who is taking challenges of playing different roles," said Rishi Kapoor.

From playing the perennial romantic hero to transforming himself as the go-to character actor,Rishi Kapoor says he is enjoying every moment of his second innings in Bollywood.

“For me it is a very interesting time to be an actor. I don’t know about others but I am enjoying every moment of it. As an actor I am experimenting a lot. It is great that actors of my age are getting good work today,” Rishi Kapoor said in an interview.

After surprising everyone with his turn as fearsome Rauf Lala in Agneepath,Rishi Kapoor is venturing into the grey zone again in Nikhil Advani’s D-Day with the role of drug lord Goldman,a character apparently inspired by Dawood


“It could be a coincidence that Pakistan is mentioned and it talks about India’s most wanted man. There are some similarities but the look of the film and the character was sourced from various places. There was a Cuban ganglord and a Mexican gangster. I don’t play an over-the-top Mogambo like villain in the film. I play a very normal character,” he said.


Rishi Kapoor,60,was not keen to play a negative role soon after Agneepath but decided to give it a shot after a look test.

“Nikhil first wanted me to do the role of RAW chief that has been played by Naseerji in the film. It is a very submissive role so I said no. He then came up with Goldman’s role but I did not want to do a negative role again. We did a look test and it convinced me,” Rishi said.

The actor said it was an interesting challenge to play the character.

“I don’t call myself a villain. I call myself an actor who is taking challenges of playing different roles. Not many actors can take the challenge of bringing out such variety of roles. I have transformed myself completely by changing my look and the voice in the film.”

Starring Rishi,Arjun Rampal,Irrfan,Shruti Haasan,Sandeep Kulkarni and Huma Qureshi,D-Day releases this Friday.

The film,Rishi says,is a tribute to the unsung heroes of India,the spies,who work without getting any credit for their work.

“The antagonist does not have a face. He is not wearing a uniform or belongs to a particular country. He is between us and that’s the most scary part. D-Day deals with such issues in a very engaging manner. It is dedicated to four brave people,who go on a dangerous mission.”

Rishi Kapoor is working with son Ranbir Kapoor and wife Neetu in Abhinav Kashyap’s upcoming film Besharam next.

“Yes,we are working as a family in Besharam. It is a

very commercial film,a potboiler which is Abhinav’s forte. Ranbir’s fans will enjoy the film.

“But before Besharam,there is a film called Shhudh Desi Romance,which is a delightful film. I am doing a variety of roles,changing my looks and characters with each film,” Rishi Kapoor said.

He is also planning to reprise his role of Mr Duggal in Do Dooni Chaar sequel. The film was directed by Habib



“We are planning a sequel by the end of the year. All of us will return. Then Kaanchi is under production.”