I’m fed up of Kolaveri Di,don’t want to be associated with it anymore,says Dhanush

Dhanush on stalking and love,Raanjhanaa and Rajinikanth,song and sleep.

Written by Harneet Singh | Published: June 14, 2013 5:57:59 am

“I can’t stop Kolaveri Di from following me,” said Dhanush in an exclusive interview with Indian Express’ columnist Harneet Singh on PLaY.

The National Award winning actor talks about stalking and love,Raanjhanaa and Rajinikanth,song and sleep.

Ques: What’s your mindspace these days — you are a big star in Tamil cinema but you’re making your debut in Hindi films.

Ques: I’m not nervous. I’m calm and happy. I’m eager to watch the film and see how people react to it. The world might peg Raanjhanaa as my debut in Hindi cinema but I don’t feel like a newcomer because by now I know the journey between “action” and “cut”.

Ques: What was it about Raanjhanaa that made you decide that it should be your first Hindi language film?

Dhanush: Let me first tell you that I never harboured any aspiration to do a Hindi film but then,the script of Raanjhanaa arrived and I found it to be extremely compelling. I didn’t judge it on the basis of the language — I saw it just as a script and whether or not it excites me. I could relate to each and every scene of the script and the character of Kundan. After reading the script I told myself,”if you don’t say yes to this script then what else will you say yes to.”

Ques: Did you need any inspiration to portray the small time boy who loves a girl to distraction?

Dhanush: I based this character on myself. During my high school days,I was fascinated by a girl and I used to follow her around all the time. I was really desperate and used to do stupid things just to get her to notice me. I tapped into my memory and relived it in order to play Kundan.

Ques: Following someone around all the time is stalking. How did you make a stalker loveable in the context of this film?

Dhanush: Stalking a girl is hugely different from admiring someone. If people believe that Kundan is a stalker,then that’s a wrong impression. The girl,Zoya,is his dream. He doesn’t yet have the guts to tell her that he loves her and so he tries to be around her to know what she likes so that he can make himself appealing for her. Like he wants to know what is her favourite colour so that he can wear a shirt of the same colour. There is purity in his love.

Ques: What was the toughest bit about Raanjhanaa?

Dhanush: The language. I could have given much more to the film if I knew Hindi. The script was in Roman but the team would mark out lines and keep explaining them to me. I used to then translate the lines in Tamil in my head and act once in Tamil and then in Hindi.

Ques: Do you think you got this film because Kolaveri Di became such a monstrous hit?

Dhanush: No,Kolaveri Di didn’t get me this film. I got Raanjhanaa because of my film Aadukalam for which I got the National Award. Director Aanand L Rai saw the film on YouTube and decided to cast me.

Ques: But do you think you can ever escape Kolaveri Di?

Dhanush: I’m fed up of Kolaveri Di. It haunts me everywhere I go. I don’t want to be associated with it anymore.

Ques: You sound traumatised because of the song. When was the last time you hummed it?

Dhanush: About a month and a half back. A friend forced me to humm it. I can’t stop the song from following me. The kids,especially when they see me,start singing the song.

Ques: Kolaveri Di had so many imitations in different languages. Which one was your favourite?

Dhanush: I loved it when Sonu Nigam’s son Nevaan sang it. I also liked the Gujarati version of the song.

Ques: Has your father-in-law Rajinikanth seen the promos of Raanjhanaa?

Dhanush: We haven’t had the time to discuss Raanjhanaa since he’s also busy with his work but I’m sure once he sees the film,he’ll have his comments.

Ques: I’m curious to know what is your favourite Rajinikanth joke?

Dhanush: I don’t think I should be even answering this question. He’s something else in our part of the world.

Ques: Who is your biggest critic?

Dhanush: My brother Selvaraghavan is my biggest critic. I started acting because of my father but my brother made me a star.

Ques: Will you be acting in more Hindi films? Have you watched many?

Dhanush: I have seen a few Hindi films and I always wished that I had done a film like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. I’ll see the response to Raanjhanaa and then take a call. Making this film has been a unique experience and promoting it has been another kind of an experience. Out there,we just do 2-3 big interviews because the market is too small. I’m just not used to this extent of promotion. Given a choice,I’d rather go home and sleep.

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