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I want to be known for meaningful cinema: Emraan Hashmi

He does enjoy his 'Serial Kisser' image but actor Emraan Hashmi says he is not too ecstatic about it.

He does enjoy his ‘Serial Kisser’ image but actor Emraan Hashmi says he is not too ecstatic about it and would rather be known for giving meaningful cinema to Bollywood.

“I love it… it’s uncoventional…it’s first of it’s kind and it does not bother me at all,” Hashmi told PTI here while shooting ‘The Crook: Its good to be bad.’

“Its something people tag you with… which I do enjoy but I m not very ecstatic about it,” he said.

Hashmi feels his main purpose in being Bollywood is to give meaningful and entertaining cinema.


“These tags do not last long very long and I am here to give a meaningful and entertaining cinema for which I want to be around and known,” Hashmi said.

After some successful performances in thrillers like ‘Gangstar’,’Raaz’,’Awarapan’,and ‘Jannat’,Hashmi said he can call himself as a successful star.

“I guess its very important to be a successful actor who can give box office hits which I have been able to do,” he said.

“It’s important to give back to those who have invested in you apart from being a good actor,” he added.

Commenting on his new controversial film on racism that is being shot in Australia,Hashmi said his character in the movie was like a wild child who was from a middle class family with a dream to migrate to a developed country.

“My character in the movie is a crook who at times uses unfair means in his life which are not appropriate but it does not mean that makes him a bad person,” he said.

“We do apply unfair means sometimes in life that we don’t expect ourselves to do…We make mistakes….we realise and we change ourselves and I think thats a sign of growth,” he added.

“Crook is a film that deals with that and deals with a guy who wants to get out India like millions of those middle class youths who believe that opportunity for them is anywhere in the world except in their own country,’ Hashmi explained.

Other projects lined up for the star is ‘Once upon a time in Mumbai’,a Ekta Kapoor production,where he will be playing a gangster.