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Saturday, December 07, 2019

Hrithik-Sussanne,Kalki-Anurag split: Bollywood couples now talking about it in open

Hrithik Roshan was conscious not to make any statements about Sussanne,preferring to only speak about his children.

Written by Harneet Singh | Published: December 20, 2013 5:31:18 am

Since he sent the emotional missive to the press,everybody is only talking about the Hrithik- Sussanne Roshan split. Those who track Bollywood were well aware that the couple was living a separate life for a while and the gossip of their marital discord was incessant. Throughout his publicity blitzkrieg for ‘Krrish 3’,Hrithik Roshan was conscious not to make any statements about Sussanne,preferring to only speak about his children.

That he finally decided to acknowledge the split came as a surprise. Bollywood is known for its ‘ghar ki baat ghar mein’ code of conduct. Look at the track record. You will find very few instances of superstars publicly acknowledging moments of personal crisis — especially if they are to do with rumoured affairs,marriage and relationships.

But this is changing. Just a few weeks ago,Anurag Kashyap and Kalki Koechlin issued a joint statement that they are taking time off from each other to figure things out. ‘The Black Friday’ director and his actor wife made it clear that “We are not divorcing. We request the media to please respect our privacy and give us our space and not speculate.”

This is a reflection of the coming of age of modern love in our society. With the reach of social media,nothing and nobody is a mystery anymore. The larger than life phenomenon that was integral to our cinema culture is also going down — now we tell our stories about people just like us.

Film icons sell products by claiming,”I’m just like you”. Your favourite superstar tweets to you and you can save his reply on your cellphone. The only unique thing about all of us is that we are all so similar. Contemporary relationships and marriages do breakdown. Everybody hurts. You. I. Even Hrithik Roshan.

Other than the loaded “my wife Sussane has decided to separate from me and end our 17 year relationship”,by giving out the news himself,Hrithik Roshan made it a lot bearable for the couple’s sons Hrehaan and Hridhaan. Sussanne’s press statement was also very dignified. In this direct communication,there is little space for conjecture. Sure the tabloids do gain an access pass to do stories of “he said this and she did this” but the stories will die down eventually. Life will go on. By owning up to the breakdown of their marriage,the couple has taken the honest route. It couldn’t have been easy and we should do what they want — give them the space and privacy to handle this.

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