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Hema Malini hands over three babies to adoptive parents

Hema Malini handed over three babies to their adoptive parents.

As part of the Society of Friends of Sassoon Hospitals’ (SOFOSH) initiative,actor Hema Malini handed over three babies to their adoptive parents on Saturday.

While two couples adopted male babies,single parent Amita Marathe,37,who decided not to get married a year-and-a-half ago,adopted a girl child as she did not want to be deprived of the responsibility of motherhood.

She consulted her family on the issue and started looking for reliable adoption centres in the city.

“My friend,who is a social worker and heads an NGO,told me about Sofosh. I had applied for adoption at Sofosh in June,2012 and was on the waiting list. I liked the way the adoption process is structured at the organisation,” said Marathe who works as a business analyst at Wipro Technologies.


The five-month-old baby girl had been living with Marathe at her residence for the past 15 days before the formal adoption ceremony held on Saturday.

“My life has changed completely. Earlier,my priorities were different but now my daughter is my first priority. My career has taken a back seat after she entered my life,” said Marathe.

She visited the organisation at Sassoon Hospital in mid-August. It was during her this visit to Sofosh that she realised that it is children who choose their adoptive parents and not the other way around. Though Marathe always wanted to adopt a girl child,she was looking for a child between 12 and 18 months old.

“Due to my work and erratic timings,I figured it was best for me to adopt a baby who is over a year old. Babies less than a year need way more attention and care. But when I held this tiny baby in my arms,I felt connected and I knew she was my daughter,” said Marathe. Her daughter,who she has named Advita,turned six months old on Saturday.

During the pre-adoption counselling session,Marathe learnt the baby she was adopting was born with a defect in her heart. The baby was identified with a condition called atrial septal defect in medical terms,which essentially means she has a small hole in her heart. “I searched for the best paediatricians in the city and got my daughter checked by two of the best doctors. The doctors have informed me that my daughter will need to undergo a surgery when she is older and she will be treated. Till then,she will be prone to cold and cough and respiratory problems among others,” said Marathe,who lives with her parents and a sister who is also unmarried.