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Gourov Dasgupta: What ahead after ‘bheegey naina’ success?

This new-breed,music director's score hit the theatres next Friday with <i>Enemmy</i>.

This industry chooses you and not the other way round,says music director Gourov Dasgupta,whose compositions hit the theatres yesterday and next Friday in back-to-back releases Ankur Arora Murder Case and Enemmy.

Gourav with his mother Santa in the picture above. (Photo: Gourov Dasgupta)

The soulful track bheegey naina,which surprisingly resonates with deep,edgy guitar notes – he has been at the instrument since he was a kid – has got an overwhelming response from the industry,Gourov says.

Gourov is not a new kid on the block,having bagged a ‘best new music director’ award for the Dus Kahaniyan title score. Music in over 25 films,many jingles – among them Close Up which was sent to Cannes – has made Gourov somewhat battle-weary but far from battered!


‘When you do everything for a song and it doesn’t get promoted… makes you cry,’ says the man of many tunes,and many tattoos.

Music launch of Enemmy. (Photo: Gourov Dasgupta)

Excerpts from an interview:

Why are your compositions always so edgy?

That is because I have been on edge most part of my life. Try doing doing a cartwheel on a ledge 30 floors above ‘definition’… it’s beautiful n edgy! Thus the music.

What influences have shaped your music?

‘Life’ has been the most powerful influence… My mom comes second to that. Musically speaking,I love megadeth,dream theater,nine inch nails,winger,sting,Bryan Wayne Transeau and a lot more.

You like to project yourself as a Bollywood outsider?

Only someone outside the circle can see,define and change what lies within. I am a Leo. I have never really empathised with the froggies in the well.

What’s with the tattoos? A carefully cultivated bad boy image?

(Laughs) Well,I have been inked at least 12 years ago when butterflies and hearts were not in the scene or in the lower back! Tattoos are not about fashion. It’s a way of life — the the choice to be scarred,when one derives pleasure from the pain.

As for the bad boy image,I guess someone needs to take the blame. Everyone’s in the industry is trying too hard to be nice. When it comes to facing the storm,it is always one man standing. And sadly,he’s the bad boy!

What does bad boy even mean in music? Nonconformist? Shocker? Sensationalist?

I really don’t know what a ‘bad boy’ means according to the Oxford dictionary. According to me,and in this industry,a bad boy is someone who chooses to have a mind of his own,someone who has the guts to take responsibility,someone who knows there’s a price to pay when u follow a path of your own.

What kind of music do u want to do? How different will it be?

Thankfully,I am at a space where I can do the kind of music I want to do. And all the credit goes to Bollywood. Food on the table,yeah? I have my own studio with my own producer/engineer and I have learnt the beauty of balance! My ‘own’ music is extremely different from what I do for my Bollywood films. I realise and respect the fact that I can only be ‘me’ because my ‘Jekyll doesnt Hyde’!

Do you think films are being made today to suit your music?

Exceptions don’t make the rule. I can’t brag but I am not at a place where films will revolve around my music. But that is coming soon. I have faith. Gourov means ‘pride’.

Here is the link where you can take a look at some of the compositions from Gourov Dasgupta:


What are your future projects?

Quite a few of my solo releases are coming up this year – ‘Tukkaa Fitt’ (AAP ent./Premal GG production),’Money Devo Bhavaa’ ( Atul Pandey production),’Boss’ ( Akshay Kumaar production),’Twist’ ,’The Protestor’,’Lafdebaaz’,’Dreamcatchers –The Reluctant Heroes’ etc.

What do u think of the new crop of music directors… who excites you?

Mithoon,Chirantan Bhatt,Sachin Gupta,Siddharth and Suhaas and Sachin Jigar.

‘Bheege Naina’ from ‘Enemmy’ is breaking barriers?


I’m just grateful that ‘bheege naina’ has made me regain my faith in my purest part. I am sincerely honoured to be a part of the top 3 Bollywood countdown amidst bigwigs like ‘Aashiqi 2’ and ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’. Keshav’s lush voice,Manthan’s soulful lyrics and Roshan Balu’s immaculate production!