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Going unnoticed is easy: Rachel Weisz

The actress says she and her husband Daniel Craig find it easy to lead a normal life.

Actress Rachel Weisz says she and her husband Daniel Craig find it easy to lead a normal life without being recognized.

The couple,who married in June 2011,lead a normal life in New York City without being bothered by the public,reported Contactmusic.

“I’ve never had to worry too much about (being recognized). With Daniel,it’s just a matter of putting on a hat. You try to walk quickly and go about your business. Living in New York makes it much easier.

“I’ve never been one to go to loud clubs or trendy restaurants. And as a mum,you want to put your child to bed then take a nice hot bath because you’re generally exhausted from your day,” she said.


Weisz,42,also said that her role in “The Bourne Legacy” proves she is tougher than her spouse as she had to do her own stunts in the action film..

“The similarities are that Daniel and Jeremy are extremely good actors – proper actors. Are they two tough guys? I suppose they pretend to be.

“In ‘Bourne’ films,the policy is you do your own stunts and that kind of realize heightens your appreciation of the story. I found all the physical work quite scary and exciting at the same time – it toughens you up.”