Global Fusion

Global Fusion

Gandu filmmaker Q and Carnatic jazz musician Susheela Raman to collaborate at London Indian Film Festival.

British-Tamil musician Susheela Raman will collaborate with Bengali filmmaker-rapper Q to perform at the London Indian Film Festival today. They will be joined by Raman’s husband,guitarist Sam Mills,Berlin tech house DJ Moog Conspiracy,Asian Dub Foundation guitarist Steve Chandra Savale and a group of Rajasthani folk artistes. The festival,which showcases Indie South Asian cinema and music,will host the event at the BFI Southbank,the leading repertory cinema in the UK.

However,the collaboration isn’t as unlikely as it seems,since Raman and Q have already partnered for the latter’s next film Tasher Desh. Q’s 3-piece band Gandu Circus (Jeev and Neel being the other two members) that formed out of his controversial film Gandu,has been making its own music — a post-rock punk converging into electronic. However,the idea to collaborate on stage was proposed by Raman,who is known for her jazz-influenced Carnatic music. “When we told her that we were invited to perform at the BFI Southbank,she suggested we could perform together,” says Q.

While attempting to push the boundaries of a conventional performance set-up,the on-stage act will be largely interactive and impromptu. “We don’t know what we are exactly going to do; the idea is not to go up on stage and sing in chorus,but to jam,” explains the director-musician.

Meanwhile,his band members have their own plans. “Jeev won’t be performing,he will be just moshing with us,” he says. The act will be intercut by the visual imagery of Gandu playing in the background. Q isn’t ready to put his sound in any category,but he attributes the sound of Gandu Circus to his own musical trajectory. It touches upon modern Bengali music — influenced by the West — and electronic disco beats.

“Later,I became heavily exposed to French protest rap. Becoming a rapper was very organic; I just happened to start rapping as we were rehearsing one day,” he says.