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Folk Around the World

Raghu Dixit has been very busy for the last few months.

Raghu Dixit has been very busy for the last few months. From playing at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations in London to having tea with her at Windsor Castle,to playing at the TED Global Conference in Edinburgh and recording music with Scottish musicians for a compilation album titled The Dewarist Sessions,it seems as though there’s very little that the Bengaluru-based folk rocker hasn’t done. Add to that a number of gigs in the UK and India,and one begins to wonder how he does it.

The most recent of these activities were the recording of two songs for The Dewarist Sessions and the performance at the TED Conference. Scheduled to be released later this year,the album will feature collaborations by a number of artistes,among which is one between Dixit and Suhail Yusuf Khan of Delhi-based fusion band Advaita. “We worked on two songs for the album — we were there only for the better part of one day and didn’t have time to do more,” says Dixit. “One is a song penned by Suhail that the band arranged with him and I sang on. The other is our song,Mysore Se Aayi,which we are hoping Kenny Anderson of King Creosote and the boys from his band can add some Scottish flavour to,” he adds.

Soon after this recording,The Raghu Dixit Project,a five-member band led by the musician,played at the TED Conference on June 26,where they performed two songs from their self-titled album,Hey Bhagwan and Mysore Se Aayi. “Our slot was in the first session on the first day of the conference,” says Dixit,adding,“So we really expected it to be a tough crowd to please,but we were shocked to see how the audience got into the groove of things right away.”

However,the most talked-about event involving the musician this year has been his performance at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations in May. Representing Asia,Dixit was accompanied on stage by dancers from Bengaluru’s Nritarutya Contemporary Dance Company. “The show itself was very unique,” he says. “It was called All The Queen’s Horses and was basically a horse show where cavalries from all the commonwealth countries came down to perform,” he explains. Mysore Se Aayi,by virtue of being one of the band’s most popular songs,made an appearance again,being the song they chose to perform.

Almost consistently on tour since the beginning of this year — with gigs in various parts of India and the world including Sri Lanka,Germany,the Netherlands,Scotland and the UK — the band will be in the UK till the end of this month.