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Known for his abstract minimal techno music,Richie Hawtin promises a great dance floor experience.

Written by Aleesha Matharu | Published: February 23, 2013 3:06:08 am

English-Canadian Richard “Richie” Hawtin was part of the second wave of Detroit techno innovators as his Plus 8 label and Plastikman alter-ego set the stage for Minimal techno. He has released 12 albums under his moniker Plastikman. On his first tour in India,he performs in Delhi today.

What prompted you to make music?

As a child,I was adept at computers. I spent hours playing and programming video games. It was a natural progression of sorts that I began fiddling with music technology and I fell in love with it. As a teenager,I used to go to nightclubs to dance. It was the love of electronics and technology,mixed with music that started me off. I feel connected to technology-based music.

You spend half the year in Berlin. What excites you about the city?

Berlin is a microcosm of electronic music — it has everything you need in terms of venues and technology. It is an energetic city,but it is also quiet. It’s only a few hours away from New York where I play 70 per cent of my gigs. I relate to the people in Berlin. It’s similar to Detroit.

What’s your process of making music?

I’m a loner and like to be alone in my studio. DJing is more about the music and how you programme it,you need to feel it within your core. It’s different with each album. First,I work on the drum tracks. I have a sound in my head and then I begin to experiment.

Which musicians have inspired you?

My father introduced me to Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream. Then there’s John Acquaviva who I’ve worked with. Also,Derrick May,Kevin Saunderson and Skinny Puppies.

What do you expect from an Indian audience?

Every country has a different vibe. Some people dance more than others. The energy in Mumbai is promising. I think this is the next dance music capital. Indians will have some great dance floor experiences coming their way.

Do you see the trend in techno music continuing?

The electronic music scene is like a cottage industry,built by passionate,like-minded people. The problem is that you need people to hear your music in order to sell it. Our music is often limited to clubs and online downloads. Pop music is played on the radio and trickles down to every person.

Do you have any funny incidents on stage to share?

Recently,when I was playing in California,a couple of DJ friends got on stage and started dancing. Then,suddenly,they were nowhere to be seen. There was a small gap in the stage and they had fallen right through. Luckily,no one was hurt and we all had a good laugh about it.

The performance is today at Blue Frog,Delhi. Tickets are available at bookmyshow.com and at the venue (limited entry) Price: Rs 1,000 (before 9pm) and Rs 1,500 (after 9pm).

The reporter is an EXIMS student

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