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Dual Tone

Sahej Bakshi strikes another rocktronica dialogue with his new album and record label.

HE’S been on the road for almost a month now. The fatigue is setting in and the 11-city tour is taking its toll. It’s tough and tiring,but 26-year-old Sahej Bakshi doesn’t stop playing the music. “I cannot afford to be lazy. I am paranoid about the danger of slipping into a comfort zone,” says Bakshi.

A producer,guitarist and rocktronica (rock and electronic music) expert,Bakshi,for the last three years,has been composing and playing music under his musical identity,“Dualist Inquiry”. Based in Delhi,Bakshi was in Chandigarh for a gig on Friday evening at Pewter Room,Blue Blazer,and talked about his third album,Doppelganger. “The previous two just had four songs each. This is a full-length album,with nine tracks produced under my new label,Dualism Records,” he says.

Launching a record label had become imperative for Bakshi,who feels record companies fail to step out of the box. “They are genre-driven and do not support all kinds of music. I am an out-of- the box person,and I’d rather have a label that supports all music,so Dualism Records happened,” says Bakshi. The importance of presentation and packaging one’s product is vital to its success,and Bakshi,along with his manager,Tej,have gone an extra mile for Doppelganger. They’ve put up CDs for sale on Flipkart and have even ventured into merchandise such as T-shirts and stickers on http://www.redwolf.in.

Taking the gig to another level,Bakshi has also developed an audio-visual act. “I play in this enclosed structure on which various images are created and projected according to the mood,tone and tune of the music,” he says. By synchronising the visual with the audio element,Bakshi has enhanced his performance.


There are also unusual cities on his circuit. “Chandigarh,Guwahati,Indore and Jaipur — who would’ve thought 10 years ago that these places will consume and enjoy electronic music?” says Bakshi.

Glitch hop (hip hop mixed with electronic),progressive rock,pop,electronic — Bakshi’s music is ambient and experimental. He fuses a devilish duality to it,simple yet provocative,philosophical yet inquisitive,instrumental yet explanatory. “The title of my songs is crucial,for it has to explain the state of the song,” says Bakshi. So,the tracks are called Spectre,6AM (composed early in the morning),Isotera,Soliel,Origin,Anathema and Exile.

Playing since the age of nine,and armed with a music degree from Thornton Music School,University of Southern California,USA,Bakshi has played at festivals including Berlin Music Week,NH7 weekender,Sula Fest and The Great Escape Festival,UK. He was the only Indian artiste to support David Guetta during Eristoff Invasion Festival 2012 and open for Fatboy Slim in same year.

Bollywood is a no for he prefers being independent,and electronic music gives him that freedom. “The purists call it artificially generated music with no soul. The instruments may be electronic but it is being played by a human,it still requires brains,creativity,depth,sincerity and musicality,doesn’t it?” he asks.