Did ‘sinister’ forces really sabotage Abhinav Kashyap’s Besharam’ ?

The golden rule is that nobody can put a good film down. Filmmakers should not get into a pity-party trip.

Written by Harneet Singh | Published: October 11, 2013 3:10:43 am

Abhinav Kashyap’s Bollywood story started with a tremendous Act One with Dabangg. Awards,recognition,critical merit,film deals,a swanky SUV from producer Arbaaz Khan — Abhinav had everything on a platter. After all this,for him to walk away from directing the sequel of Dabangg,must have not been an easy decision.

But like a good director,he ensured that his exit was grand. He made a huge statement when he signed Ranbir Kapoor for Besharam. The trade was hopeful,the audience was excited.

But Besharam didn’t do a Dabangg. It didn’t even come close. After posting impressive first-day collections,the film just nosedived. The critics hated the film,the audience was disappointed and the twitter verdict was also very unkind. That’s when Abhinav decided to step up and defend his second baby. But his statement in a Mumbai newspaper that “With whatever is happening around Besharam,I smell some kind of a sinister plan. Certain forces don’t want the film to succeed,” really stunned me.

Sabotage. Somehow you never expect to read or hear this word where a film is concerned. Come on,everyone makes films for the audience and its upto them whether they want to go in and see the film or skip it. I’ve always believed that once a filmmaker releases his film then its no longer his film,it belongs to the people who pay to watch it. Now why would the audience make a “sinister plan” to destroy Besharam? Especially when the same audience gave a rousing welcome to Ranbir’s last film Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. Who are these “certain forces” that Abhinav is referring to? If he means rival filmmakers then well,they might gossip and pull down the film privately (everybody does that anyways!) but last I checked,nobody issued any public notice to the audience to not watch Besharam.

Ultimately,the relationship between the filmmaker and the audience is dependent on the film. And the golden rule is that nobody can put a good film down. Filmmakers should not get into a pity-party trip. Persecution complex only hurts creativity.

As Abhinav Kashyap gets ready to embark on Act Three,it will be great if he shrugs of this baggage. Just be dabangg,Abhinav.


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