Deepika Padukone,what happened to you?

Deepika Padukone,what happened to you?

Gippy director has just one question for Bollywood’s Reigning Queen.

Gippy director Sonam Nair has just one question for Bollywood’s Reigning Queen.

Sonam Nair

I’m only one film old as a director,but I have been a girl for 29 years now. And I have to say,both the filmmaker in me,and the girl,are absolutely fascinated by Deepika Padukone. When you spend so much time making,writing,talking and watching movies,and when you’ve met actors in person and seen that they’re just regular people — films lose their magical quality. You begin to watch an actor’s performance rather than concentrate on the role they’re playing. You begin to notice inconsistencies in the script,rather than enjoy the narrative. You begin to calculate what the filmmaker wants you to feel,rather than feel it yourself.

But for me,after a long time,someone has brought the old magic into the movies. When I watch Deepika on screen,I feel like a child again,staring at the actor in awe,wishing I could grow up to be like her.

The truth is,like most people,I wasn’t a huge Deepika fan when she started. I thought she was pretty and might do a few masala films and be forgotten. I don’t think anyone saw her coming. But even before ‘Cocktail’ hit the screens,I started to admire something about Deepika.


She always chose really strong,intelligent and independent characters to play. Even when her contemporaries were playing ditzy girls or the hero’s arm candy,giving bigger hits and making a name for themselves,there was a dignity to every role she played. Whether it was a girl working to pay her way through college in ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno’,or a mature and practical girl in ‘Love Aaj Kal’ who spoke intelligently about relationships and the men in her life. Although I have to admit,’Cocktail’ is when I really fell in love with Deepika. I remember watching the film and just asking the same question over and over again — what HAPPENED to Deepika? The best part is that ‘Cocktail’ was not just a one-off wonder. That same thought keeps running in my head whenever a new Deepika film comes out. I would still like an answer to that,if you’re reading,Deepika. What happened to you? And can it please happen to me too?

 I don’t think any actress has transformed on screen so suddenly,and she just keeps getting better. You can see that she’s pushing herself in every frame and that every expression and every dance move is from her heart. She’s doing films with amazing male actors and completely overshadows them in so many scenes. I mean,I am a die-hard Ranbir Kapoor fan,but I was only looking at Deepika in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. Same with Chennai Express and Goliyon Ki Raasleela— Ram-Leela. What a year she’s had! Is it any wonder then that I feel like there is some enchantment involved?

 I’m really inspired by Deepika

right now. Not just because she’s absolutely beautiful and extremely talented,but because she has worked really hard to get where she is now. It makes me hopeful. It makes me feel like my career is in my hands,and if I just give it my all,miracles can happen. No one would call her that now,but she was an underdog and now she’s on top. That’s a story I can never get enough of.