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Monday, July 16, 2018

British period-drama,‘The Tudors’,to hit Indian screens

The show,based on the romantic and political life of King Henry the VIIIth,takes us into a world torn asunder by power,lust and political intrigue.

Written by Screenindia | New Delhi | Published: March 26, 2009 5:32:46 pm

‘The Tudors’,based on the romantic and political life of King Henry the VIIIth,takes us into a world torn asunder by power,lust and political intrigue. Studded with an exciting line up of actors,the show stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers (of Bend it like Beckham fame) in the critically acclaimed role of King Henry the VIIIth. Meyers was recently nominated for a Golden Globe for his portrayal of the role of the young king. It also stars acclaimed actor Natalie Dormer as Anne Boleyn,who was the second wife of King Henry the VIIIth. ‘The Tudors’ is written by Michael Hirst,who also wrote the screenplay for Shekhar Kapur’s acclaimed movie,‘Elizabeth’. Hirst explains the origins of the project:

“The main brief was to make it history with a contemporary resonance,so it doesn’t feel like history. But the thing which makes the story appealing for audiences is that central situation is not locked in history per se – here’s a guy who wants to divorce his wife for a younger woman; he’s running a big company and there are two other companies he has to compete with. His emotions and the emotions of everyone else are first and foremost human and universal”.

But simply being contemporary in tone does not a great story make. ‘The Tudors’ is first and foremost about an exciting and overlooked historical figure. For Hirst,“the other key element of the series,alongside the reality,was a young King,surrounded by young people,who can do what he wants. What would it be like if you were 25 years old and had complete power: how would you exercise it? I imagined someone who would recognize no barriers,never recognize a limit . . . to his power,to his intellect,to his appetites,to his physical abilities.”

Jonathan Rhys Meyers agrees: “The portrait of Henry here is different from the big fat red-haired guy type of image,but it’s very accurate to the historical record. It’s a more attractive and physical Henry that I’m playing,but it’s true.”

Besides the talent of its cast and the quality of its writing,what audiences will also appreciate about this new dramatic series is its attention to visual detail. In the shadows and folds of its settings and costumes,the producers have created a television series where the verbal and visual work harmoniously to convey both the regal splendor and sultry sexiness of Tudor England. Exceptionally talented people like Joan Bergin on costumes,Tom Conroy on production design,who have worked on huge motion pictures,bring their skills to this television mini-series.

Underlining this contention,Sudha Sadhanand,Vice-President,Programming,FOX History & Entertainment,comments on the debut of the series on the channel: “The Tudors is about history in its most extravagant form—the drama,the costumes,and most importantly,the times where passion,political intrigues and love took over both the King and his kingdom. ‘The Tudors’ makes history edgy,larger than life and entertaining which is our constant intent at FOX History Entertainment.”

This March,watch the Emmy-winning popular mini series,‘The Tudors’,premiering March 27,2009 at 9PM,on FOX History & Entertainment

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