Break Ke Baad turns profitable for makers

Break Ke Baad turns profitable for makers

With even big star-cast films not pulling well at the box office,pricing a film correctly is key to avoid losses.

‘Break Ke Baad’ starring Imran Khan and Deepika Padukone opened to mixed response when it released last Friday (November 26). However,the film produced by Kunal Kohli in association with Reliance Big Pictures and directed by debutant director Danish Aslam,seems to be on safe grounds mainly thanks to its correct economics.

In fact the production costs of the film (excluding P & A),18 crores,had largely been recovered through the sale of satellite and music rights itself and despite the film opening to weekend collections of Rs. 10.5 crore net,it does seem like a profitable venture for its makers.

Also ‘Break Ke Baad’ has had some refreshing marketing tie ups,with brands such as Kit Kat,Close Up,Zen Mobile,Venus soaps and Da Milano. These brands have spent money close to the tune of Rs. 2 crores on TV spends in prime slots. The marketing has been innovative,and different,thereby making an impact.

Thanks to its youth appeal,fresh pairing coupled with the right amount of marketing and publicity,the film has even opened to a good response in the overseas market. USA has responded well to the film and Dubai too has received the film well.


Says Priti Shahani of Reliance Big Pictures,co-producer of Break Ke Baad,”It’s true that ‘Break Ke Baad’ has already recovered it’s production cost,including marketing costs. Being a hype project,the digital rights (satellite,music and video) were sold at a lucrative price. Marketing and promotions have been effective with brand synergy with Kit Kat,close up and other brands. ‘Break Ke Baad’ has released across 750 screens in India.”

With even some big star-cast films flopping at the Box Office this year,pricing a film correctly has become paramount to avoid huge losses.