Bigg Boss 7: Bigg Boss housemates celebrate Diwali, Ajaz continues with his antics

Bigg Boss 7: Bigg Boss housemates celebrate Diwali, Ajaz continues with his antics

Bigg Boss presented the housemates with fireworks,sweets,new clothes and even surprise guests.

After a lot of turmoil in the Bigg Boss house,Bigg Boss decided to bring happiness to the housemates on the festival of Diwali. Bigg Boss presented them with quite a few surprises including fireworks,sweets,new clothes and even surprise guests.

Though the ups and downs continue with Salman’s supervision of the nominations for the week leading to some unexpected selections,however the housemates cheered up when the wakeup call was followed by clips of stand-up comedian Bharti Singh poking fun at the contestants.

The housemates were in splits,when Bharti herself entered the house with gifts and sweets for them all. After cheering them up and making them laugh,Bharti left the Bigg Boss house.

Ajaz continued to create some kind of friction between Armaan and Tanishaa by picking on her and passing comments. She later went to Armaan who told her she needs to learn to stand up for herself and fight her own battles.


The housemates are in for another surprise later as Dadi (Ali Asgar) and Palak (Kiku) from ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’ enter the house. Dadi immediately attaches herself to the most muscular contestant,Sangram. Dadi and Palak crack a lot of jokes and give presents to the contestants that complement their on-screen personas. They gift Gauahar some tree leaves that she can pluck at,as she awaits Kushal’s return to the show. Finally,the duo departs from the Bigg Boss house.

After their guests depart,Candy requests Ajaz to behave properly in the company of women. At this,Ajaz retorts that he has not misbehaved with Candy at any point. Hearing this,Andy interrupts and reminds Ajaz about Salman’s warning,asking him to keep himself in check.

As the day came to an end,the contestants got their biggest surprise from Bigg Boss,a dance performance by celebrity dancer and upcoming actress Lauren Gottlieb.

Lauren and her troop danced to ‘Aao Huzoor’ and ‘Jadoo Ki Jhappi’,and also got some contestants to join them on the floor.