Back to reality: Father slaps ‘Slumdog’ star Azhar

The dream run seems to be over for Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail,the child star of Oscar-winning film.

Written by Agencies | Mumbai | Published: February 28, 2009 10:49:42 am

The dream run seems to be over for Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail,the child star of Oscar-winning film “Slumdog Millionaire” with his father slapping him for refusing to give interviews to media.

The 10-year-old child,who was plucked from a Mumbai slum to play the young Salim in the multiple-Oscar-winning movie,has been living amid constant media scrutiny since his return home from Los Angeles.

Tired after a long flight,Azhar wanted to go to sleep and refused to come out to oblige the media. His father Mohammed Ismail wanting to make the most of the newly acquired celebrity status of his son,got infuriated and slapped him.

“I was being naughty. I did not want to give the interview as I was tired so he slapped me but he loves me,” said Azhar.

Azhar returned back on Thursday to his shanty home in Mumbai’s crowded slum after being in the media glare at the Oscar awards and later when he visited Disneyland.

He and Rubina,the young Salim and Latika in “Slumdog Millionaire”,have shot to international fame post the phenomenal success of the film.

“Many mediapersons wanted to get his interview but he refused saying he was tired and had a headache. His father got angry and slapped him lightly but he loves Azhar very much,” Azhar’s mother Shamima said wondering why an issue was being made of nothing.

Azhar’s father Mohammed Ismial,a TB patient,tried to defend his action,saying,”My child was very tired and bored but I had committed to one journalist. I felt bad when he refused him. He is my child and I just slapped him but I feel sorry now.”

Rubina’s return to her home has not been smooth as well. The child returned to a divided house,with both her biological mother Khushi and her step-mother Munni asserting their right over her.

Rubina,who played young Latika in the film lives with her father Rafiq Qureshi and Munni in a slum in Mumbai.

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