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Sunday, August 09, 2020

B.A. Pass,Nasha: Erotica steps out of Bollywood’s closet

Film-maker Amit Saxena states that it’s time to take in making bold films rather than hide behind steamy item numbers and getting U/A certificates

Mumbai | Published: August 2, 2013 11:20:35 am

Being in this business for a while now,I know for sure that I am my own censor board and I won’t show something that I am ashamed of

From Jism in 2003 and Nasha in 2013,there is a mark difference in how Bollywood has received the topic of sex films in mainstream cinema. After a decade,the challenge is not making such films,but the challenge lies in marketing these films. When Jism was made,I was apprehensive about how the topic will be received. Though it had to face some criticism at that point,today Jism has become one of the landmark films to take up bold topics like sex.

This paradigm shift in the perception of the subject has happened because now we have matured audiences. Especially the young working generation is not ashamed to discuss this topic in public anymore. as a source of titillation for teenagers. The growing matured audience have actually forced film-makers to take up bold topics and discuss them on a wider scale. People think that these subjects are cheap thrillers for teenagers and hence have teenage audiences only. But of what I have observed,teenagers are just one time audiences, the repeat audiences actually come from the working class age which is matured enough to take this topic seriously.

Talking about the technical aspects of the film,frankly making a film based on sex is much more challenging then making a film of any other genre. I mean it is easier to shoot a bad comedy and get away with it,but that’s not the case with sex films or films based on sex. One mistake or one shabby take can ruin the entire film,making it look like a porn film. The aesthetics and the efforts that going behind shooting sex films is much more skillful. Being in this business for a while now,I know for sure that I am my own censor board and I won’t show something that I am ashamed of.

I am glad that in Bollywood today,film-makers like me are given a chance to make a film of our choice. In that sense,Bollywood has matured quite a lot. And in couple of years we will see more such films in mainstream cinema. This year in fact,we have films like Nasha,BA Pass and Kamasutra 3D releasing,which talk about sex. Nothing could get better than this. There is criticism and I won’t turn a blind eye to it,but India is a vast country and adhering to everyone’s ethics is impossible. At least I don’t have to hide the sleaze I am showing,under the pretext of an item number or a promotional song . This is a very good time of Indian cinema where film-makers are allowed to experiment and showcase the reality. And no one can deny the fact that ‘Art is the reflection of real life’. The sooner we accept it,the better it is for us.

As told to Avantika Patil

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