Arshad Warsi is hugely undervalued as an actor,says Jolly L.L.B. co-star Boman Irani

Arshad Warsi is hugely undervalued as an actor,says Jolly L.L.B. co-star Boman Irani

The actors are likely to reunite in the third <i>Munnabhai</i> film.

Their warm relationship in real life has helped them create magic on the big screen time and again but Boman Irani feels his good friend Arshad Warsi has a lot more to offer as an actor.

“Arshad is a hugely underrated and undervalued actor. He has a lot more to offer. Arshad to me is someone,who acts with his heart. He is a natural and unique performer. He has a style of his own and has a certain spontaneity that people will love to have,” Boman said in an interview.

The actors 20-year-old friendship has transcended in films like – Munnabhai MBBS,one of the biggest films in their respective careers,its sequel Lage Raho Munna Bhai and Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal.

“I met Arshad before we started working in films. He was the choreographer in my first play in which I was the actor. Then he went to acting and I went to photography and theatre. We came together in Munnabhai MBBS– my first commercial film. He has grown as an actor,” he said.


Boman says the beauty of their relationship is that they make each other laugh,support each other through hard times and pull each other’s leg.

“I get along famously with his family as well. I see a lot of his wife’s (Maria Goretti) influence in his life as a lot of people see Zenobia’s in my life. I am very fond of them and have great love and affection. I can say anything to him… That is the beauty of our relationship. He knows I don’t mean him any harm because I love him,” Boman said.

Boman,53,is pitted against Warsi again in Subhash Kapoor directed Jolly L.L.B.,a social satire on the country’s judiciary system,in which they both play lawyers. Also starring Amrita Rao,the film releases this Friday.

The actors are likely to reunite with Kapoor again as he is directing the third Munnabhai film.

Boman says he found Kapoor’s vision as a director “compelling” and agreed to be a part of the film.

“I found the film very powerful. I found Subhash Kapoor’s case very compelling. He is a very interesting man,who loves his cinema and has a was very fresh take.

“More often than not I don’t even ask what role I have,I listen to the story. I need to know what the director is trying to say. This is the most straight role I have done so far- there is not a moustache,grey hair or another accent,” Boman said,referring to his roles in Lage Raho Munnabhai and 3 Idiots.

The story follows a struggling lawyer named Jolly (played by Warsi),who wants to become India’s greatest lawyer. He comes to Delhi in search of that and gets involved in a case with India’s existing popular and expensive lawyer,Rajpal (played by Boman).

“In many ways it is a very powerful role. He is a superstar of lawyers and he is ruffled by a inconsequential lawyer. It is a story of hope,it is a story of an underdog. It is not my story and it does not make a difference to me. I am just happy to be part of a good film.”