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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Arbaaz gets furious over Shobha De’s remarks on Dabangg & family

Dabangg was a Khan clan film,where the family participated to produce this box office phenomena.

Written by Agencies | Mumbai | Published: October 5, 2010 10:43:33 pm

Dabangg fever is almost like DDLJ phenomena. It isn’t a fair comparison on a lot of levels but the hangover is similar. With Dabangg came back,the long forgotten sweet,innocent love story,the brave hero who beats up the bad guys,the unforgettable one liners,the impromptu song and dance phenomena and a story line that urges you to throw rational thinking out of the window.

With a lot of hooting and cheering by the audiences,the abandoned single screen cinemas were the place to be. An Arbaaz Khan Production,starring Salman Khan with Malaika Arora Khan doing the perfect item number,Dabangg was also a Khan clan film,where the entire family participated to produce this box office phenomena. Guess who is irked by all of this? It’s none other than the popular socialite,author,columnist and self appointed film critic,Shobha De.

She speaks her mind,she has ruffled a few feathers on more than one occasion but she seems to revel in the controversy of it all. She has written about celebrities and their performances on numerous occasions and at times received flack for it. But she honestly couldn’t care less. She has perpetually said ‘au revoir’ to diplomacy and tact.

Post the release of I Hate LUV Storys,Shobhaa didn’t spare the lovely Sonam Kapoor or Imran Khan and even director Punit Malhotra as she went ahead to write her blunt as ever review. In her words she said,”It is a wonder Karan actually approved the script of such an excruciatingly pointless film which,post-interval,suddenly takes off for New Zealand…one is ready to shake up this bloke called Punit Malhotra (chief villain) and spank him in public.”

Punit Malhotra,the director of the film,responded on twitter saying “Guys pls (sic) don’t take Shobhaa De seriously. She’s a fossil who’s getting no action and going through menopause.” And Sonam responded to that by saying “ha ha”.

This didn’t happen too long back before Shobhaa decided it’s time to rock another boat. This time she took a jab at none other than the Khan clan. With the release of Dabangg,what also came out was Shobhaa’s bitter review of the film. She went ahead and said “The one scene that really and truly created history and will go down as an astonishing cinematic moment is the one of Salman Khan’s shirt tearing,popping and flying off his back… all by itself! The shirt deserves a special award for performing this remarkable feat – perhaps; it marks a first in world cinema!” She continued,”Those looking for a plot,be warned – it is flimsier than Munni’s (Malaika in a sizzling item number that out-beedis Bipasha’s) barely there costumes. Both are ‘badnaam’.” Now this was a typical De humour that bordered on being nasty.

Arbaaz Khan During the time of ‘Id’ Salman got a lot of flack for making statements on terrorism and 26/11 terrorist attack in Mumbai. His lack of diplomacy and articulation rendered him apologetic to the masses. Shobhaa De comments on the situation were,”Salman Khan’s shocking statement about 26/11 smacks of arrogance,ignorance and plain stupidity. A lame apology won’t do Sallu bhai. Boycott Dabangg”

There is just that much anyone can take lying down in the name of dignity and self respect. Shobhaa De’s callous comments and opinions,quite uninvited though,have been ignored on numerous occasions by celebs as they either feel its giving the issue too much importance or they feel it’s pointless. But a certain Khan brother had just about had it. He decided that it’s about time he gives it back to this self acclaimed moral crusader and film critique. After all if she has the columns to showcase her opinions he has twitter. And in no time started the barrage of tweets which were retweeted by the general public who love Salman Khan and epitomise Dabangg.

Arbaaz started the whole discussion by addressing his followers as he said,”Hey guys what’s your opinion on Shobha De a writer of sleaze and pornographic novels. She writes a lot of sh*# about Salman and Malaika. Her claim to fame is marrying some rich industrialist. I’m not sure if its 3 or 4. Pl lemme know”

Once done he started an anti Shobha campaign of sorts on twitter as he said “Mr De hold on to your money or Shobha at 60 can still compete with Elizabeth Taylor… One thought that age makes you wiser but unfortunately it’s not happening in the case of Shobhaa who is 60… Shobhaa’s opinions on my family reeks of bias,jealousy and frustration. I have have been ignoring her comments for the longest time but no more…

This idiotic woman had recently said ban Dabangg. Who the hell is she? Is she the god damn law?.. She’s a frustrated sleaze writer. That’s it! If this woman was not to write about celebs she would not even be entertained… Honestly I hate to give people like Shobhaa any importance but she’s been writing personal,biased stuff 4 the longest time. Enough is enough.” Arbaaz got immense response from his followers on twitter.

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