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‘Am I seeing Siddharth Mallya,who knows?’

Deepika Padukone would like to leave her personal life out of bounds for the press.

Deepika Padukone takes a break from Rohit Dhawan\’s Desi Boyz to speak to Screen. Which is appropriate,considering that her upcoming release is titled Break Ke Baad,where she plays a commitment-phobic girl named Aaliya. Crossing her tanned,long legs,the actress settles into a chair in producer Kunal Kohli\’s office and breaks into a bright smile when the door opens and Danish Aslam,the tall and good-looking director of the film enters.

“I remember coming for a narration of Break Ke Baad in this very room and as soon as Danish entered,I said to myself. \’Wow,if he\’s the director then I am definitely doing the film!’ And I always joke with him saying that I did the film not because I loved the script but because I liked him more,” chuckles the actress,making the director turn a deep shade of red. She continues happily. “And it was only after I signed the film that I learnt that he already has a girlfriend. Wish I had known that before,” she says,embarrassing him further.

But it was Danish\’s good fortune that the leggy actress also fell in love with the script,which is about a young couple who decide to give their relationship a break and see if they are still attracted to each other after a few years.

“Besides the script,I was also attracted to my character,Aaliya. Her take on relationships is so different from mine,and I thought it challenging to step out of my comfort zone to essay such a character.


Aaliya is a very career-minded girl but commitment phobic. She feels that a break in a relationship is good and wants to see if a couple still wants to be together post their break.” Speaking about her take on relationships,Deepika said,“Every relationship goes through its share of problems,but issues can definitely be sorted out even if both are working. I feel that a break is an unfair arrangement as it could result in both partners seeing someone else. But I do connect with Aaliya\’s professional commitment and the fact that she believes in marriage,” elaborates Deepika.

The actress says that she was impressed by the way Danish executed each scene in the film. “Generally it is the climax scene that makes an actor nervous as it\’s supposed to be the most engaging. But Danish has ensured that every scene is engaging. The film has so many high points,whether it\’s the scene where Imran Khan and I have a fight in the bathroom,or the scene where I am drunk and say ‘Main Shah Rukh Khan hoon’ to Imran. I also liked Danish\’s confidence and belief in himself.”

If Deepika finds Aslam good-looking,she finds her co-star Imran Khan “very sexy”,although the reason has nothing to do with looks. It\’s Imran\’s commitment to girlfriend Avantika of eight years that she finds really sexy. “Loyalty is the most endearing quality in a man; something that is not seen often these days. Imran\’s dedication to one girl is really something,” smiles the actress laughingly,adding that otherwise he has a strange sense of humour,which generally goes over everyone\’s head.

Deepika seems to have got over her 2010 hiccups viz. Karthik Calling Karthik and Lafangey Parindey. “Anything that does not work hurts,but it doesn\’t trouble me much. I get over it quickly and don\’t dwell on anything for too long. It\’s the same when it comes to hits. Whether its a hit or a miss,I move on,” she says firmly.

The actress is now setting her sights on newer goals. Besides Desi Boyz,Deepika will be working on director Homi Adajania\’s next with Imran,which will be followed by Abbas-Mustan\’s Race 2 and Prakash Jha\’s Aarakshan. She also denied doing Vishal Bhardwaj\’s project for which she had committed some time ago. “Sometimes things just don\’t work out. I have great respect for Vishal as a filmmaker and I would love to work with him. But sometimes it\’s just not a good script,but so many other things as well that need to fall into place. Unfortunately they didn\’t,” she says.

Deepika is equally excited about her forthcoming film Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey in which she plays Kalpana Dutt,a revolutionary of the Chittagong Uprising. “Ashutosh Gowariker rightly pointed out that though she was a woman from the 1930s,she is similar to today\’s woman. She was fearless,spoke her own mind and was fiercely independent. I am really looking forward to the audience’s reaction to this film,” she says.

As for her personal life,it\’s old news that she has moved on from her relationship with Ranbir Kapoor,but what has people sit up and take note is that she is taking delight in making digs at him in public. In the promos of Koffee With Karan,when asked what she would like to gift him,she retorts with “a packet of condoms”. Quiz her on that and she says that it was a rapid-fire round and gave the condom comment in good humour. Ask her if she is seeing liquor baron Vijay Mallya\’s son Siddharth,she grins from ear to ear. “Frankly I would like to leave my personal life out of bounds for the press. Bahut ho gaya. But I am very curious to read what the media has to say about my association with him as there is one write-up almost every day. Am I seeing him,who knows?” she says,mischievously.