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Akshay-Farah-Shirish come together for Tees Maar Khan 2

Even though 'Tees Maar Khan' is still a couple of months away from release,the makers have already set up the film as a franchise.

Roll out the red carpet and let the celebrations begin. Even though ‘Tees Maar Khan’ is still a couple of months away from release,the makers have already set up the film as a franchise. Not just considering it to be a one off film,Farah Khan,Shirish Kunder and Akshay Kumar are collaborating all over again for Tees Maar Khan 2. The film would go on floors in early 2012.

Confirms Farah Khan,”We have been talking about it for so many months. However,now concrete plans are being devised. Starting yesterday,we have officially started working on the film. It is a movie that we feel leads into a franchise. It is a character based comedy,something on the lines of Austin Powers and Pink Panther genre. Now something like that hasn’t been done before in India and we would be exploring an all new opportunity of introducing this genre and concept here.”

‘Tees Maar Khan 2’ would again be a co-production between Shirish Kunder’s production house ‘Three’s Company’ and Akshay Kumar’s ‘Hari Om Productions’.

“It is a part of our earlier contract itself that since ‘Tees Maar Khan’ is a franchise; we can’t make it without each other. The film belongs to all three of us. So yes,Akshay is definitely the leading man yet again. Even otherwise,once you have worked with Akshay,you want to work with him again. Shirish is anyways working with him in Joker,the shooting of which begins in January next year”,says Farah.


While the film is being written entirely by Shirish,it is yet to be decided whether the second part of the franchise would be directed by Farah or him.

“It is still early days and currently I am just focusing on the writing process”,says Shirish who has written Tees Maar Khan and before that Jaan-E-Mann,both for Akshay Kumar. “It isn’t like a sudden idea that we have got after looking at the buzz that the film is generating. It was planned this way and hence the film was made character driven. This is a franchise that we are setting up and one can just let the imaginations go wild to make multiple films around the character of Tees Maar Khan.”

Since Farah and Shirish are currently busy with Tees Maar Khan and Shirish would later have a super busy 2011 with back to back shooting schedules of his next two directorial ventures – Joker and Kick,Tees Maar Khan 2 would go on floors only in 2012. The film would be much bigger in scale and would be shot across the globe.

While Akshay Kumar is confirmed to lead the film’s star cast,there is no decision yet on the leading lady and other supporting actors.

“The film is still being written and it has to be seen which of the characters become popular. Depending upon that,a call would be taken around the other actors. It is still early days but we are totally gung ho about making this film next”,comment Shirish and Farah in unison.

Meanwhile,the countdown has begun for ‘Tees Maar Khan’ which is all set to find a massive release for itself this Christmas.